Kyle’s Graduation

Kyle Grad

School:  Little Star, Too — Pre-school graduation
Featuring:  Kyle (Age 4)

My nephew Kyle is something else. The kid giggles uncontrollably when he dribbles a basketball and screams when you try to steal it from him. When we play catch, he never throws the ball directly to me. He does this on purpose so I have to run and chase it. He’s exhausting. He tags along when I play golf and cries if I won’t let him carrying his own still-way-too-big-for-him golf bag. He ignores all of the pointers I give him and mocks me whenever I swing and miss, which is often. We’re so loud at the driving range that twice they’ve asked us to leave. Both times Kyle insisted it was my fault.

Kyle just graduated from pre-school. He can memorize the words to any song and dances like a drunk European rockstar. He stands 42.5 inches tall and weighs in at 42.5 pounds. He calls his optometrist—the Eye Dentist. One day while wearing his favorite Spiderman tank top, Kyle made an important announcement—I have 3 belly buttons. HUH? Yeah, that’s what we said. He pointed to his navel, then to his nipples while counting out loud 1-2-3. His grandma LOL’d so hard, her teeth fell out.

More notes coming soon…


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