Invisible Monsters

Invisible Monsters

Author:  Chuck Palahniuk
Genre:  Fiction


Chuck’s third novel, and a favorite among many of his diehard fans, is Invisible Monsters, the story of Shannon, a disfigured ex-fashion model traveling in a car with Brandy Alexander, a transgendered exhibitionist one surgery away from becoming a “real” woman. Despite this unorthodox storyline, Invisible Monsters very quickly entered some sort of production phase in 2001 when it was optioned by young filmmaker Jesse Peyronel. Turning over a scripted draft that both Chuck and his agent, Edward Hibbert, were very pleased with, Jesse very quickly got to work trying to find funding for the film via Miramax Films. Parker Posey was tentatively on board to play Shannon, and things were moving. Then the inevitable drop in news happened. In 2002, Jesse resurfaced on our radar again and re-optioned the script to give funding another go. But again, nothing seemed to come of it and the closest story we had to go off for any production future for Invisible Monsters was a UK based company that was interested in doing a live animated featured of the film.Most recently, the word around the campfire is that the film is on the move again with rising star Jessica Biel being touted for the female lead, and such names as Val Kilmer and Billy Crudup being mentioned for male leading and supporting roles. No confirmation if the person behind this latest effort on Invisible Monsters is indeed, still Jesse Peyronel.

Invisible Monsters comics


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