Giants vs. A’s

Giants - Jason Schmidt and Steve Finley 

As Jason Schmidt and the San Francisco Giants took on Joe Blanton and the boys from across the bay, I took on Melissa for bragging rights to something, though I’m not sure to what exactly. No one takes baseball more seriously than Melissa. This girl is a die-hard A’s fanatic who swishes she was Mrs. Nick Swisher. Melissa showed up at AT&T Park early so she could watch A’s batting practice. I got to the ballpark late and spilled one of my beers looking for my seat. It was the bottom of the 2nd inning when I finally found Melissa. We had awesome seats in section 122 right between 3rd and home.

The theme that night was 80’s Night, and both teams were sporting vintage uniforms. Giants wore bright orange pullovers while the A’s wore bright green. Both teams wore stirrup socks. I don’t own any Giants gear, but I did wear my |||| Black Flag sweatshirt and faded orange Adidas ball cap. For a hot chick, Melissa geeked out big time in her A’s gear—green and white jersey shirt, green hooded sweatshirt and fat yellow hoop earrings. She also alternated between a green A’s ball cap and light green A’s knit skull cap with pins of her future ex-husbands, one in the front and one in the back. All this and more was snuggled under a fluffy A’s blanket. No girl rocks it like Melissa.

It was a great game that came down to the last inning…

Melissa, you’re baseball freak, care to comment on the actual game?


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