Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk
Author:  Chuck Palahniuk
Genre:  Fiction
I started reading Haunted the morning after Kevin’s party at Kate O’Brien’s. I was on my way to work hung over on a crowded N-Judah heading into downtown San Francisco. The first chapter vaguely sets the stage for the overall framework of the book, and then seques into a short story told by a character nicknamed Saint Gut-Free titled Guts. The more I read, the more my head and heart started to pound, harder and faster. The streetcar was delayed underground at Civic Center station. I had three more stops to go. My options were to either keep reading and risk passing out in the lap of the stranger next to me, or put the book down. I kept reading. And so did the stranger sitting next to me. Turns out she was reading over my shoulder the entire time.The first chapter in this book LET ME HAVE IT. I’ve never read anything more graphic and disgusting in my life. It was awesome! How did I like the rest of the book? It was hot and cold, but overall I was into it.

From Wikipedia

The book is best known for the short story Guts, which had been published previous to the book in the March 2004 issue of Playboy magazine as well as on Palahniuk’s website (Palahniuk offered to let them publish another story along with it, but the publishers found the second work too disturbing). It is a tale of violent accidents involving masturbation.

While on his 2003 tour to promote his novel Diary, Palahniuk read “Guts” to his audiences. It was reported that over 35 people fainted while listening to the readings. On his tour to promote Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories in the summer of 2004, he read the story to audiences again, bringing the total amount of fainters up to 53, and later up to 60, while on tour to promote the softcover edition of Diary. The last fainting occurred on September 25, 2004, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Palahniuk is apparently not bothered by these incidents, which have not stopped fans from reading “Guts” or his other works.In a September 2004 reading of “Guts” at Cooper Union in New York City, no listener admitted to fainting. When Palahniuk showed surprise, many members of the audience replied, “This is New York!” in a nod to the alleged inability to shock the city’s denizens.

Read Guts on ChuckPalahniuk.net

Warning—this story is EXTREMELY graphic!


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