Chad is rad

Chad is rad 

Thursday, 8/3/06: It’s true. Chad is rad. And while we will miss seeing Chad every day, we’re happy he’s moving on to UC Berkeley to be the big man boy on campus. Transitioning from from an eBiz application UI designer to studying international political something-or-another, Chad will have endless opportunities to discuss politics as much as he wants. And while a top-notch 4-year university has a lot to offer, he has a lot to offer in return. Chad works hard and stays driven, and is clearly an individual with his own sense of style. These 18 year old kids at Berkeley need role models like Chad around—especially when they need someone with an ID to buy them beer. 

On Chad’s second-to-last day with Wells Fargo, Gianna arranged the Chad Is Rad farewell party with 25 or 75 of Chad’s closest friends. We reserved Pasta Paradiso on Spear Street, a local restaurant some refer to as IPND—the Italian Place Next Door. After IPND, a dirty dozen took Chad to Zebulon on Natoma. And in the homestretch, a handful of diehards dragged their asses to The Attic on 24th and Mission before throwing Chad on the last BART train back to Oakland.

Friday, 8/4/06: Chad’s last day with the Bank ends with a recovery party at Beale Street. Watch how Chad entertains his friends—click on the two-part series below, and turn the volume way up! 

Chad on MySpace


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