mopatrol vidcast reviews

 mopatrol featuring Dana and Julia

This hot chick Dana from the LA-Hollywood area emails me every so often to rub things in my face. Her recent rub-in is another collaboration with her “best friend” Julia. It’s called mopatrol (

This how Julia and Dana describe mopatrol:
We’re here to bring all things mobile to your home. Everything for your computer, your iPod, your cell phone… There’s so many channels out there, where do you tune in? That’s why we’re here. We’re like, a TV guide for all things mobile.

Since I am your typical shy high-tech Asian-American, I immediately went to iTunes and subscribed to their podcasts.

Dana, thanks for the 411 on mopatrol. I’ll ping you back later. Piece out!

mopatrol episode 1

mopatrol episode 2

mopatrol episode 3


Dana & Julia

The Adventures of Helen & Ellen: A Play

  Thursday Aug. 17 @ 9pm
Thursday Aug. 24 @ 9 pm
Thursday Aug. 31 @ 9pm

Improv Olympic — IO WEST
6366 Hollywood Blvd
323-962-7560 for info n rezzies
valet parking .
full bar . horny bartender


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