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Venus on a Half Shell

September 16, 2006

Author:  Kilgore Trout
Genre:  Science Fiction

Book commentary

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Cover gallery

This science-fiction rockstar fairy tale has been translated into so many languages, but printing was so limited making this book a rare find. Here are some of the different covers I was able to find surfing the Internet. Notice how some releases list the Philip Jose Farmer as the author. The last image is my creation featuring—Simon Rex as Simon, Kim from ANTM Cycle 5 as Chworktap, Athena as a furry white owl, Annubis as a dog that looks like Gertie and a banjo.







September 11, 2006

Terror? — A multi-media Art Exhibit

Event:  Multi-media exhibit
Venue:  Intersection for the Arts / Valencia & 16th

On the 5-year anniversary of 9/11, I visited the Intersection for the Arts gallery on Valencia and 16th. Tonight was the premier of Terror? The gallery website describes the exhibit as an international interdisciplinary project investigating how each one of us experiences fear and how it affects our lives.

What is terror? Who perpetrates it? How does fear control us, and the world around us? Who are we taught to be afraid of, why? What does fear cost? Where does personal fear intersect with larger societal and political messages of terror?

Angela told us about the exhibit earlier in the afternoon. Tonight was the opening night  reception. Who’s Angela? Angela is a friend from work, one of the grooviest ladies I know. From what I know of her, she’s beautiful inside and out—foxy, witty, talented, modest—and I found out last year she’s sick on a skateboard and can beat-box and rhyme freestyle. When I learned Angela was one of the featured artists, it was on. There was no way I would miss this opening.

So I get to the gallery at 7:30pm. There’s a crowd gathered outside. The staircase leading to the second floor gallery was hot and humid. Upstairs in the gallery it was wall-to-wall people. After a failed attempt to do a lap, I scanned the room to see if Angela was around. I didn’t see her, so I left. There was so much on display, but absolutely no way to view anything. I’ll come back when there’s more breathing room. Terror? will be there through November 11.

I did manage to snap a few photos with my RAZR telephone. Here is one that grabbed my attention instantly. I’ll credit the artist in a future post.

Terror?  — Artist submission

Half Nelson

September 10, 2006

Half Nelson

Genre:  Indie
Directed by: 
Ryan Fleck
Starring:  Ryan Gosling, Shareeka Epps, Anthony Mackie

An unmounted camera can leave an audience dizzy. Although a good percentage of Half Nelson was filmed with handheld super-8, the story itself is far from dizzy. It’s quite focused. This film is different from others that feature tweakers—The Salton Sea, Requiem for a Dream, Spun. This isn’t about the glamour vs. horror of crack. It’s not about making statements to generalize a segment of misfits. What makes this film different? The story is personal. It’s about individuals and how their lives are affected. It’s about an 8th grade teacher and basketball coach caught by one of his students hitting the pipe in the girl’s locker room. It’s about a 13-year old girl who’s smart enough to ask questions that matter.

Ryan Gosling plays the part well. His character is developed not so much in what he says, but more through what he doesn’t say. And young Shareeka Epps is flawless, another example of less is more. What if your favorite teacher was cracked? Scary thought. This is a heavy movie.

I was hooked from the first preview—This song is called Half Nelson for those times when you’re feeling kinda stuck. The song Ryan Gosling is referring to is Half Nelson by Miles Davis.

Half Nelson website

mopatrol – Episode 4

September 2, 2006

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