Terror? — A multi-media Art Exhibit

Event:  Multi-media exhibit
Venue:  Intersection for the Arts / Valencia & 16th

On the 5-year anniversary of 9/11, I visited the Intersection for the Arts gallery on Valencia and 16th. Tonight was the premier of Terror? The gallery website describes the exhibit as an international interdisciplinary project investigating how each one of us experiences fear and how it affects our lives.

What is terror? Who perpetrates it? How does fear control us, and the world around us? Who are we taught to be afraid of, why? What does fear cost? Where does personal fear intersect with larger societal and political messages of terror?

Angela told us about the exhibit earlier in the afternoon. Tonight was the opening night  reception. Who’s Angela? Angela is a friend from work, one of the grooviest ladies I know. From what I know of her, she’s beautiful inside and out—foxy, witty, talented, modest—and I found out last year she’s sick on a skateboard and can beat-box and rhyme freestyle. When I learned Angela was one of the featured artists, it was on. There was no way I would miss this opening.

So I get to the gallery at 7:30pm. There’s a crowd gathered outside. The staircase leading to the second floor gallery was hot and humid. Upstairs in the gallery it was wall-to-wall people. After a failed attempt to do a lap, I scanned the room to see if Angela was around. I didn’t see her, so I left. There was so much on display, but absolutely no way to view anything. I’ll come back when there’s more breathing room. Terror? will be there through November 11.

I did manage to snap a few photos with my RAZR telephone. Here is one that grabbed my attention instantly. I’ll credit the artist in a future post.

Terror?  — Artist submission


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