David Sedaris comes up short

David Sedaris

Genre:  Comedy / Spoken Word
Venue:  War-Memorial Opera House / San Francisco CA


  • In great company, seated right next to the Intern (JC)
  • Amazing building—the SF Opera House
  • 15 minutes of David Sedaris speaking off-the-cuff
  • Sedaris’s familiar and soothing voice

Things to remember

  • To avoid being seated in the 2nd-to-last row upper balcony corner, purchase tickets sooner
  • Don’t eat so much candy throughout the day and during the show
  • Remind yourself you can always listen to Sedaris audio books, which is basically the same as seeing him performing live

Performance notes

I like David Sedaris because of his unique wit. And whether I’m reading one of his books or listening to him read to me on a rebroadcast of This American Life, I find I usually connect with him and his stories—I get it. Experiencing him perform live at the SF Opera House was a let down. At least 80% of the time he read scripted material. He also spent 20% of his time reading someone else’s material. He spent very little time talking about his family, with the exception of Amy. And even then there was no charisma. He was onstage for no more than 70 minutes—which would be OK for a comedy club, but not a sold-out opera house. In addition, you’d expect he’d try to connect with the audience. He didn’t. Most importantly, this time—I didn’t get it.

I’m starting to realize I’m not that big of a fan. My favorite work of his was the first book I read—Me Talk Pretty Someday. I read his earlier books but didn’t enjoy them as much. Now seeing him live and being disappointed, I can’t see myself investing any more energy in him. If I were to send him an email, it would simply read—David, I’m not one of your fans. At least not anymore. No hard feelings.

Comparing this show with 2.5 hours of non-stop Kathy Griffin gossip, or 3 full hours of Henry Rollins rants, Sedaris comes up short.

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