Alanis on Nip/Tuck

Nip/Tuck, guest starring Alanis Morissette

Sean and Christian’s anesthesiologist and lesbian friend Liz finally gets some. On episode 9 of Nip/Tuck, Alanis Morissette guest stars as Poppy, Liz’s new girlfriend. Poppy says she loves Liz for who she is, but it seems all she wants to do is change our semi-butch Latina Liz into new-and-improved skinny lipstick lezbo Liz. This should be interesting. Alanis is scheduled to appear in 3 episodes total.

This 4th season of Nip/Tuck is filled with nothing less than the hottest celebrity guest stars. So far this season we’ve seen—Larry Hagman, Kathleen Turner, Brooke Shields, Mo’nique, Jacqueline Bisset, Mario Lopez, the Curch of Scientology, Rosie O’Donnell (talks of a spin-off?), and now Alanis. I can’t wait to see who pops up next.

Watch all Nip/Tuck season 4 episodes to date


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