Church of (Southpark) Scientology

Church of (Southpark) Scientology

Comedy Central show Southpark pushes the envelope by going where only a few hundred men have been before—inside Tom Cruise’s closet. Religious-based fans are excited to see how Tom organizes his wardrobe. Does he hang his t-shirts? Does he use wire, plastic or wood hangers? How many pairs of shoes does he own?

2005’s critically acclaimed Episode 912—Trapped in the Closet was nominated for an Emmy. Is Stan Cartman really the reincarnation of L Ron Hubbard? Guest stars include—Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, John Travolta and R Kelly. Watch the episode (below) and LYAO.

Clip starring Tom Cruise (5 minutes)

Entire “Trapped in the Closet” episode  (22 minutes)

Complete list of Southpark episodes

I recently learned that LYAO = Laugh Your Ass Off


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