What the F_ _ _ _ ?

A Documentary


THiNK Film delivered LOL controversy last year with Aristocrats. Now that all the poop jokes have settled, they’re serving up FUCK—a documentary—the film that dare not say its name. 

Director and producer Steven Anderson addresses the social, political, personal, historical, linguistic and artistic significance of the four letter word. He tells his story through a series of candid interviews with linguists, comedians, musicians, filmmakers, journalists, porn stars, world political leaders, and a host of well-spoken celebrities. The film also features never before seen fuck-footage, clips of American fuck-culture over the years, and fuck-animation from Oscar-award-nominated artist Bill Plympton. The film promises to be a celebrity fuck-fest. Literally.

FUCK is scheduled for limited release at Landmark theaters in losAngeles and New York on November 10, and in San Francisco on November 17th at the Lumiere theater.

Watch the movie trailer below


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