Celebrity sightings at local pub

 kate O’Brien’s Irish Pub

SF hotspot: Kate O’Brien’s Irish Pub 

Celebrity sighting #1—Berkeley Chad, who is still rad, was spotted arm-in-arm-in-arm-in-arm with his extra-large entourage. He was sporting messy hair and a 10 o’clock shadow.

Celebrity sighting #2 & 3—Andy Dick and Tara Ried stormed out of the bar after two members of Porkchop Express crashed their VIP section. Collin (PCE front-man/lead singer) stood at the back bar, threw back a couple pints of Guiness, then screamed, “I’m SO wasted!” Five seconds later he was surrounded by a circle of 5 lovely ladies and 1 guy wearing a Def Leppard t-shirt. Kevin (PCE bass player) ran up and down the club pub showing off his 2-carat diamond engagement bling. At one point a messy skinhead got in Kevin’s face and yanked on his bushy sideburns. But Kevin didn’t get mad. He kinda liked it.

Celebrity sighting #4, 5 & 6—Red glittery heart stickers covering the foreheads of a group of drunk meterosexuals can only mean one thing—Cat, Danielle and Julie were in the house and on a mission. Interesting side note… Because Cat’s jugs looked so flawless, no one noticed her new haircut. Oh well.

Celebrity sighting #7—Later that night when some high-energy Latin beats came blaring from the jukebox speakers, the staff cleared the center tables to make room for an improptu Dancing with the Stars performance with special guest Big Red Mario Lopez. Did you know Mario Lopez is Russian? It’s true, he’s from St. Petersburg, Russia. I didn’t know that. All this time, with the last name Lopez, I thought he was Filipino. 

If you have any celebrity sightings of your own to report, leave a comment with all the juicy couture details.


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