SF IndieFest—All the Lonely People (series of shorts)

All the Lonely People (series of shorts)
Review of films coming soon…

  1. Happiness
    Director: Sophie Barthes (USA 2006)
    Runtime: 11 minutes
    Storyline: A woman working in a condom factory tries to buy happiness
  2. Night Becomes Day
    Director: Jacob Hinmon (USA 2006)
    Runtime: 14 minutes
    Storyline: Alex turns his car into a “taxi” and sets out on a nightlong adventure
  3. Die Besucher (The Visitors)
    Director: Ulrike Molsen (Germany 2006
    Runtime: 39 minutes
    Storyline: A woman hosts a couple in trouble and becomes the target of their cruel game
    Website: www.maedchendiefluestern.de
  4. My Name Is Wallace
    Director: Bob Pondillo (USA 2006)
    Runtime: 18 minutes
    Storyline: A lonely man falls in love with a sex-line operator

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