My own Q&A with LOL director Joe Swanberg

I contacted LOL director Joe Swanberg via MySpace, and he was quick to respond.

My question:

In a way LOL felt like a documentary. Was it? What was your script like? Are your personalities in real life much different from the ones we saw in the film? Towards the end I was convinced y’all were just living your actual lives and we were lucky enough to watch and experience details of your intimacy that is familiar to all of us.

And the filmed snippets of people making sounds that your one friend turned into musical collages… Absolutely BRILLIANT! It’s hard describing them to people. It’d be more effective just showing them, let them experience it first hand. Can you point me to any sites that have sample grooves/videos?

LOL was a good ride. Thank you.

Joe’s response:


Thanks so much for seeing LOL. I’m really glad you liked it.

The film is all improvised, which is why it feels so much like a documentary. All of the actors are playing exaggerated variations on themselves, and some of the elements of the film are real, like the voice mail messages the the camera phone pictures that the long distance couple send back and forth.

If you want to see more of the Noisehead videos, we have a podcast that you can subscribe to at the LOL website You can even see a few that weren’t in the movie.



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