Visiting Brandon in FTL


Two nights and one day—42 hours.
That’s how short my trip to Fort Lauderdale was to visit my best friend, Brandon. Although we talk every week, we haven’t seen each other since New Year’s 2006 when he lived in St. Petersberg.

It was good seeing Brandon. We had a lot of catching up to do. And whenever we hang out together and there’s beer involved, there’s no way to shut us up. (If only Steven was there with us…)

Did I ever tell you the story of how we discretely picked a fight with these guys one night at the Roosterfish at Venice Beach? The bartender had to jump over the bar and yell for security. He claimed he saw the whole thing. Brandon and I were getting ready to leave quietly without incident, when all of a sudden Security grabs the OTHER guys and bounces THEM instead of us.

Well… the exact same thing happened AGAIN last night at this bar in Fort Lauderdale. We casually picked a fight with these guys playing pool. But we were a lot more drunk this time, so we don’t remember all the details. But I do remember asking Brandon, “Where’d those players go?” The I noticed the bartender wasn’t behind the bar anymore—he was right next to us. And he said, “I had Security kick those guys out. Sorry you had to go through that. When you’re both ready for another drink, let me know.”

Total deja-vu, right? … We drank to that!


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