An army of bunnies seen bouncing from bar to bar


Last night a hot mess of rabbits—both big and small—marched the streets of downtown San Francisco before bamboozling North Beach. As they bounced from bar to bar, the bunnies quickly multiplied. According to several witnesses and an undercover policeman—it was sick!

Bad Bunny Pub Crawl
Inspired by Bad Santa, it is Bad Bunny’s mission to make it to the end of the Bad Bunny Pub Crawl looking better than when he or she started. This was the 2nd annual BBPC. At least a dozen Bad Bunnies bounced in full costume, and everywhere you turned, there was no escaping the sea of pink and white fuzzy bunny ears.

This was my first pub crawl. I had a blast! Although I didn’t make it past venue #3. No bitchy bar attitude—just lots good party people with bright smiles and great energy.

Last night’s crawl route:

  1. Start at EZ5
  2. Hop up to Cigar Bar
  3. Bounce over to Bamboo Hut
  4. Roll on down to 15 Romolo
  5. And finally end at Amante

    Maybe all die-hards go to… Butter? Or maybe not.

Who are these bunnies? And where did they come from?
We’re neither an organization, nor a religion. We’re just just an extended network of friends with a common goal—to have some good ol’ fashioned FUN.

Most of us work in downtown SF. In the tradition of Spring, we pick one special Friday when let our hair down, throw the striped neck-tie in the trash, and put on a pair of bent fuzzy bunny ears. Not only are good times important to us, we also believe it’s important to give back to the community. We have committed to raising money and awareness for local non-profit organizations. Donations collected from last night’s crawl will go to support the Blind Babies Foundation Beeper Egg Hunt—next Saturday at the Midtown Terrace Playground.


Big thanks to Andy, Yung and Miss Tara Backhaus for picking up costumes/ears, and for mapping out the crawl. You guys are the BEST! I can’t wait until the Tiki and Bad Santa pub crawls.

Bad Bunny photos—Did you take pictures? Share your photos


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Beneficiaries of previous events
Larkin Street Youth Services
826 Valencia
City of Dreams
La Casa de las Madres
Draw-Bridge arts program for homeless children


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