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UCLA Alumi Scholarship Committee

April 21, 2007


Notes to follow…

Entourage @ Zebulon, then AsiaSF

April 19, 2007




Orange is the new pink

April 18, 2007


Official announcement at Web 2.0 Expo 2007…


Thousands of people attended Web 2.0 Expo 2007 at Moscone West in San Francisco this week to push the boundaries of the next generation web. Check out all the conference coverage:

Speaker presentations
News & Coverage Page
Web 2.0 Expo blog
Live Twittering

American Idle

April 18, 2007


Although definitely more commercial with a brand more popular than ever, overall I think this season of American Idol is weak. The standouts in season six so far … Blake with his unique groove, and the lady below. Miss Thing is awesome! (Not Ryan… Melinda Doolittle)

“Melinda Doolittle” on Technorati


So it goes.

April 12, 2007


Yesterday Kurt Vonnegut died. 

Thank you, Kurt Vonnegut, for challenging me to think for myself and encouraging me to occasionally go “elsewhere.” You are one of the main reasons I enjoy reading.

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (1922—2007)
The day I met Kilgore Trout
“Vonnegut” on YouTube

John Stewart interviews Vonnegut on the Daily Show

Vonnegut on Second Life

Kyle’s F word

April 9, 2007


Easter brunch
I joined my sister’s family and the Arquero’s for Hawaiian brunch today at Hukilau on Geary. My 10-year old niece Brit was pretty in pink, and my 5-year old nephew Kyle was looking extra-handsome in his navy blue suit (same one he wore at his pre-school graduation). In less than 10 months, his pants were already floods. He’s growing so fast, and in so many ways.  Check this out…

Last year Kyle went through a Brady Bunch phase. From watching the early Brady Bunch episodes, Kyle turned into a tattle-tale. He thinks it’s his duty as the youngest child to be the snitch. So watch your language around this kid. He’s not afraid to get all up in your face with his signature taunt, “Oooh… Shame shame!”  That’s not it—but it’s coming…

Kyle = something else
It was a sunny day, so we sat outside. The four kids were at one end of the table goofing off, while the parents and Uncle Dewey (that’s me) drank mojitos and margaritas at the other end. During the conversation I mentioned Flickr. Kyle stopped mid-sentence, turned his head, got out of his seat, walked over to me and said, “Oooh, Shame shame! You said the F word!” I picked him up and sat him on my lap and said, “Oh really. Tell me—what’s the F word?” He whispered in my ear “Flick.” Then he announced to the entire table, “Uncle Dewey said Flick. Shame shame! That’s a bad word.” Brit laughed, “Hell-O! Flick? That is NOT a bad word.” Kyle disagreed with her as usual and stomped back to his seat. Everyone laughed. Cute, huh? Kyle didn’t think so.  Almost there…

I heard a faint voice calling, “Unc-le De-wey…” I turned and saw Kyle at the other end of the table staring at me with a serious look on his face. Then I noticed he was holding his right hand just barely visible over the top of the table with his middle finger sticking straight up. I’m thought to myself, “Oh, no, he didn’t!” But oh, yes, he did—the kid flipped me off! As my jaw dropped, Kyle mouthed the word “Flick” and then gave me this smart-alec smirk. He quickly ducked his hand under the table, but it was too late. His mom (my sister, Glad) saw that little finger and screamed, “OMG! Greg, did you see what your son just did?!” Greg dropped his fork. Karen and Gerry LOL’d. Brit, Claudia and Sage giggled. Kyle was looking for someone to high-five. I just sat there—speechless.

Built for speed

April 9, 2007


When I was five years old, I terrorized the neighborhood on my Big Wheel—similar to the one above, but mine had a brake lever near the right rear wheel and a small compartment behind the seat. I remember putting my Star Trek communicator (walkie-talkie) back there and following my brother down the semi-steep hill  near our house. Since Big Wheels were made entirely of plastic, it roared as it picked up speed. I remember going super-fast and pulling on that rear brake halfway down the hill. But instead of slowing down or stopping, I ended up spinning and flipping over and getting thrown from the low 3-wheeled bike. I cried—but not because of the painful scrapes—my Star Trek communicator flew out of the back compartment and smashed into pieces.

For the past seven years, SF has hosted a unique XXX event that involves big kids on Big Wheels speeding down the crookedest street in the world—Lombard Street. I just found out about the event on SFist, though I’m a little late. Maybe next year.

Featured YouTube video

Where she belongs

April 3, 2007


Imagine being in an airplane lavatory or a dirty truckstop bathroom stall and finding Ann Coulter toilet tissue. I read about this on SFGate. It had me smiling from ear to ear.

Rowanlea Grove Novelties is the genius behind X-Wipes.