Built for speed


When I was five years old, I terrorized the neighborhood on my Big Wheel—similar to the one above, but mine had a brake lever near the right rear wheel and a small compartment behind the seat. I remember putting my Star Trek communicator (walkie-talkie) back there and following my brother down the semi-steep hill  near our house. Since Big Wheels were made entirely of plastic, it roared as it picked up speed. I remember going super-fast and pulling on that rear brake halfway down the hill. But instead of slowing down or stopping, I ended up spinning and flipping over and getting thrown from the low 3-wheeled bike. I cried—but not because of the painful scrapes—my Star Trek communicator flew out of the back compartment and smashed into pieces.

For the past seven years, SF has hosted a unique XXX event that involves big kids on Big Wheels speeding down the crookedest street in the world—Lombard Street. I just found out about the event on SFist, though I’m a little late. Maybe next year.

Featured YouTube video


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