Back in the 80’s “SKANK” was a verb


Are you familiar with: mods riding vintage Vespas or Lambrettas2-tone vinyl records, rude boys/girls, or classic 80’s SKA music? If you are then you know that the word SKANK was originally a verb. To SKANK basically meant “to dance your ass off.” It was definitely a GOOD thing.

I’m the first to admit that I’m a rocker at heart, and there will always be a special place in my heart for SKA music—The Specials, English Beat, Madness, Ban Manners, etc. But I really don’t know any ska bands after that… is that wierd? Some consider early No Doubt ska—I can see that. Many mainstream rock bands today definitely have ska roots.

(6/2007 photo of Fatty Buster Bloodvessel from

Now 20+ years later, I was finally lucky enough to see a slimmer Fatty with Bad Manners perform live at the Red Devil LoungeMore notes to follow…

(6/24 Red Devil Lounge show – Flickr images by Ms Robot)

(Videos found on YouTube, search “bad manners”)

1980—”Lip Up Fatty” live, from movie DANCE CRAZE
2007—Live in Seattle
2007—Live in the UK


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