Transformers… a very long Michael Bay movie

I saw Transformers on the the 4th of July with my sister’s family and one of my two nephews currently visiting from Delaware. We got there 45 minutes early, but the theater was already packed. There weren’t enough seats, so my 5-year old nephew started out first sitting on his dad’s lap to score Red Vines, then his mom’s lap for popcorn, and eventually ended up sitting with yours truly not just for the root beer but also to fall asleep. What could be better than a heavy 5-year old asleep on your lap—snoring, sweaty and smelling like he put on way too much sunscreen—to weigh you down during a typically long Michael Bay flick?

I don’t usually rush out to see blockbusters, and that’s basically Michael Bay in a nutshell. But I have to give him credit—Transformers is awesome! A little long, but very well done. The storyline was a little sketchy, but the action was incredible. Definitely to try to see this film—a big screen with a good sound system is a must.


One Response to “Transformers… a very long Michael Bay movie”

  1. Zack Says:

    Transformers was in my opinion, the only good Michael Bay movie ever created. I loved it in every way, even Shia was good in it. I just hope they give the sequel to a new director who knows how to zoom out.

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