6-Cents: Has the iPhone lived up to its promise?

Last Wednesday I submitted a response to SFGate.com’s Two Cents community blog. Topic: the iPhone. I figured they would receive a ton of responses. On Friday I received the editor’s standard “Thank You” email, so I assumed my reponse wasn’t selected. I’ve received that email so many times I have it memorized.


When I got to the office this morning, someone told me they saw me in today’s paper—the San Francisco Chronicle. I went went down for coffee and grabbed the morning paper. Sure ’nuff, there I was alongside seven other gadget geeks on page 3 of the Technology section. Oh yeah! 


Appearing online in a blog is one thing. Seeing yourself in a major newspaper is something else. Even though my mugshot and quote took up less space than the size of a business card, it somehow seemed huge.

It’s now 10:32 pm. My 15 minutes were up 13 hours ago

   — SFGate.com’s Two Cents blog
   — My Two Cents on other topics


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