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From D-list to i-List

August 29, 2007


When aksed if the rumors about dating Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak were true, diva comedienne Kathy Griffin replied—

“You’re joking, right? Last week at the MAXIM party I was the only celebrity without an iPhone. Now I have TWO.”

Is she smarter than a 5th grader?

August 29, 2007

When Miss Teen South Caroilina was asked, “Are you really that stupid?” She replied—

“I placed 3rd in the pageant and the next day 5 million people on YouTube are talking about me. Let me aks YOU a question—do you know who was actully crowned Miss Teen USA? You don’t know? Didn’t think so.”

Well, here’s a little story I’d like to tell…

August 26, 2007


Beastie Boys live at the Greek Theater in Berkeley

Notes to follow…

RANT: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey

August 4, 2007


RANT: An Oral Bigraphy of Buster Casey is another wild Chuck Palahniuk E-ticket ride. Warning: You must be at least “this tall” and “this twisted” to stomach it.

Buster “RANT” Casey can be best described as RABID—an adjective that means:
   1. Irrationally extreme in opinion or practice
   2. Furious, raging or violently intense
   3. Affected with or pertaining to rabies
   4. Mad—as in “fucking crazy”

Synonyms of the word RABID include:
Berserk, bitten, corybantic, crazed, deranged, extreme, fanatical, fever-pitched, frantic, freaky, frenetic, furious, insane, mad, maniacal, obsessed, overboard, poisoned, radical, raging, sick, twisted, ultraist, violent, virulent and wild. Palahniuk delivers all this and more in his long-awaited novel “RANT.” Not only is Rant Casey bitten, corybantic and violent… the entire story—and how it’s told—is twisted, freaky and fever-pitched from start to finish.

Palahniuk is known for writing outside-box-box, not just content but also literary style. In “HAUNTED” he tells 23 unique short stories by carefully threading them into the framework of a single larger story—23 strangers attening a writer’s workshop. Palahniuk wrote “RANT” as an oral biography. The entire novel is a carefully arranged rotational chronology of short takes on Rant’s life, from birth to death, as told by members of Rant’s family, friends, radio DJ’s, medical experts, law enforcement, priests, and the dozens of people that have never met him but swear on their life that they intimately know him. Rant’s no hero, but Palahniuk twists him into some sort of an iconoclast.

The interview-like format reads a lot like a documentary. And like “CHOKE” and “SURVIVOR,” Palahniuk peppers the storyline with medical ramblings. Are they medical facts or just part of Palahniuk’s fiction? I’m not sure. I’ve come to wonder if Palahniuk actually knows what he’s talking about or if he’s just a master at playing his readers. I’ll just assume he knows his shit–which beats constantly putting the book down mid-sentence to look up stuff on Wikipedia.

“RANT” comes close to being one of my favorite Palahniuk books. It’s definitely in the top three with “CHOKE” and “INVISIBLE MONSTERS.”

Random closing note: Chuck Palahniuk and I have the same birthday… February 21st.

8-Cents: What voting method makes you feel most secure?

August 3, 2007

Electronic voting, if done right, is my choice. Compared to paper ballots, eVoting could be more convenient and less expensive, and we’d have access to real-time results.

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