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This American Life…ft Jesus H. Christ

November 27, 2007


Artist and photographer – Brian McPherson

Notes to follow…

I spy with my little eye something that starts with “F”

November 26, 2007


It’s one of those “Downtown Falcons” perching and showing off for binoculared people like us on the 24th floor.

Go ELF Yourself!

November 20, 2007


Kids… don’t try this at home!

83 Proof — Scene of the 2001 Homicides

November 13, 2007


New bar recently opened downtown just south of Market between Montgomery and Embarcadero. (It’s right around the corner from my office.) Great place to hit right after work to kick back, drink and tell stories. Huge selection for a smaller bar, and the bartenders know how to mix ’em right and when to pour heavy.

Consider leaving work early to get a good seat…this place can get crowded early. The place has only been open a couple of weeks, but already has 40+ Yelp reviews.

Read what the downtown crowd has to say about 83 Proof.


November 12, 2007


On a foggy Wednesday morning, 58,000 gallons of bunker oil spilled into the SF Bay after a ship bashed into a footing of the Bay Bridge. On the follwing Monday, I was walking along Great Highway at Ocean Beach when I came across this handmade sign.

Night & Day

November 12, 2007



This is what Steve’s been up to back in LA — Steve’s Savage Garden

Henry Rollins — Provoked

November 6, 2007


Rollins at the Herbst Theater (SF)