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Monday nights at 83 Proof

March 25, 2008


Monday nights at 83 Proof are the best. Especially when Juan Jeremy shows up. He’s always cranking his manual video camera looking for the next big star. He’s ridiculous!


Gotta LOVE March Madness

March 22, 2008


Kevin Love scored 6 of UCLA’s 11 points in the 2nd half—finishing the game with 19 points and 11 boards. Bruins rally in the final minute to beat Texas A&M. 

Destiny’s Children

March 9, 2008

Mad’s birfday at SUNDAY’S ARE A DRAG — Harry Denton’s Starlight Room at the top of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in SF’s Union Square… followed by some messy drinking at ZEITGEIST


I want my leather harness back!