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When the bullet hits the bone

May 26, 2008

Flatline Transmissions rockit! Notes coming soon…

SNUFF finally arrives

May 24, 2008

I pre-ordered SNUFF months ago and it finally arrived. SNUFF is the latest novel from my favorite freak writer CHUCK PALAHNIUK. Last year he relased RANT, which was disgusting. I just started reading SNUFF. So far it’s sick. It’s about porn star with a big vision and everything that revolves around the porn industry—which is basically everything. Unlike HAUNTED, which was 800 pages, SNUFF is under 200 pages of large print. I plan to review it when I’m done, which might be later tonight.

Until then, here’s a promo-preview from Double Day Publishing. Watch the video series starring Chuck himself interviewing the star of SNUFF – Cassie Wright.


944 clicks at MR. while JULZ clicks triples

May 23, 2008

MR. is a bar/barbershop in the SF FiDi. Not your typical barbershop like Russ’s in Mill Valley. MR. is a fancy bar with a full service hair salon in the back, shoeshine stands on the way to the toilets, and massage and nails upstairs. I could be wrong about upstairs—I never went up there. And in the main front room is a lounge with a two-tender bar that serves only beer, wine and champ. Nothing hard. Food? All I saw was white on rice.

Personally, after work I like stalking bartenders that will make a margarita in my mouth. And when I’m having my back shaved, I like my Jack and Coke. And for you ladies… while MR. will serve you at the bar, they will NOT do your hair. Boys rule only.


FiDi=Financial District. Three years in SF, I’m just now learning the stupid lingo. DYL=Destroy Your Liver. Who yelps up this garbarge? Gimme a break.

Now on to JULZ. Julz is this groovy NB chick that knows her SOX. According to US Magazine, we never dated… we just “hooked-up” from time-to-time. I now know her as the party-photog that likes to frame three people in every click. 


Hard Suikergoed

May 11, 2008

Let op de video’s van elk van Madonna

Zij zeggen de weg aan hel met goede bedoelingen bedekt is … Let op het gesprek RTL Blvd met Madonna

Yelp selects new MOTHERBOY

May 4, 2008


P.S. Happy Birthday, George Michael!