944 clicks at MR. while JULZ clicks triples

MR. is a bar/barbershop in the SF FiDi. Not your typical barbershop like Russ’s in Mill Valley. MR. is a fancy bar with a full service hair salon in the back, shoeshine stands on the way to the toilets, and massage and nails upstairs. I could be wrong about upstairs—I never went up there. And in the main front room is a lounge with a two-tender bar that serves only beer, wine and champ. Nothing hard. Food? All I saw was white on rice.

Personally, after work I like stalking bartenders that will make a margarita in my mouth. And when I’m having my back shaved, I like my Jack and Coke. And for you ladies… while MR. will serve you at the bar, they will NOT do your hair. Boys rule only.


FiDi=Financial District. Three years in SF, I’m just now learning the stupid lingo. DYL=Destroy Your Liver. Who yelps up this garbarge? Gimme a break.

Now on to JULZ. Julz is this groovy NB chick that knows her SOX. According to US Magazine, we never dated… we just “hooked-up” from time-to-time. I now know her as the party-photog that likes to frame three people in every click. 



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