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Before and after

June 26, 2008

Jake @ 6 months

Jake @ 17 months


June 20, 2008

Enjoying a sunny day at Taylor’s after work

With friends like B:Rad throwing back dozens of PBRs. In cans, no less.

Revealing the Raw Troof

June 16, 2008

the ONION MOVIE — Review/notes to follow…

View the trailer.

MOB. For life.

Enough to ruin your buzz

June 14, 2008

On the way to Thieve’s Tavern, we stumbled upon something so heinous we lost our buzz. A hefty bag and a Nordtrom shopping bag were found containing dozens of naked Cabbage Patch Kids on the Dubouce sidewalk just below Valencia. By the apparent Xavier Roberts signatures on the tushies of these victims, they were authentic CPKs, some of them still preemies. Even more shocking was finding a light blue Care Bare in the middle of it all.

Said a passer by…

Who would steal Cabbage Patch Kids clothes, then turn around and throw the babies out with the bathwater? It makes no sense to me whatsoever.


Friday the 13th self-portrait

June 13, 2008

Je parlais avec la cousine de Julz à Montréal au sujet de mon voyage. Ma partie préférée de la ville est la rue St. Catherine. Aux restaurants, je dirais à la serveuse, “Merci mon petit poulet.” Après qu’ils me frappent à ma tête avec le menu. Et je dirais le taxi driver me porter à la maison de Celine Dion maintenant. Vite. Rapidment. S’il te plais. 

Table for two

June 6, 2008

Bubble Lounge  >  Kells  >  Chow  >  Pilsner

Don’t ask me how all of us managed to fit at that table for two…

Bubble Lounge – Pink champagne and oysters loosens up the tightest crowd. It also puts lead in your pencil.

Kells – The Irish Catholic in me always likes it.

Chow – Pork chops and polenta are good, but nothing beats talent in a Tattoo You t-shirt.

Pilsner – Throwing back Hoegaarden while playing pinball is a ridiculous way to end the most nervous night.