Table for two

Bubble Lounge  >  Kells  >  Chow  >  Pilsner

Don’t ask me how all of us managed to fit at that table for two…

Bubble Lounge – Pink champagne and oysters loosens up the tightest crowd. It also puts lead in your pencil.

Kells – The Irish Catholic in me always likes it.

Chow – Pork chops and polenta are good, but nothing beats talent in a Tattoo You t-shirt.

Pilsner – Throwing back Hoegaarden while playing pinball is a ridiculous way to end the most nervous night.


2 Responses to “Table for two”

  1. Ryan Satre Says:

    The guest’s request- Darius, I don’t really care about the menus, just show me San Francisco. -Mission accomplished! (I can’t believe we were able to take that clear of a photograph after that much alcohol)

  2. Darius Miranda Says:

    B L E S S Y O U !

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