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Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds—Set List

September 20, 2008

Sept. 19, 2008 / The Warfield San Francisco CA

  1. Night of the Lotus Eaters
  2. Dig, Lazarus, Dig
  3. Tupelo
  4. Today’s Lesson
  5. Red Right Hand
  6. I Let Love In
  7. When Numbers Get Serious
  8. Mercy Seat
  9. Deanna
  10. Moonlight
  11. The Ship Song
  12. We Call Upon the Author
  13. Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry (my favorite song of the night)
  14. More News From Nowhere


  1. The Lyre of Orpheus
  2. Into My Arms
  3. Get Ready For Love
  4. Hard On for LoveGod is in the House
  5. Stagger Lee

The gods grew quite scared…

September 20, 2008

Some of you may know I studied the Classics at UCLA—ancient Greek art, architecture and literature. One of my favorite stories is told in Plato’s Symposium. The comic playwright Aristophanes tells the story of the Origin of Love.

In John Cameron Mitchell’s Hedwig & the Angry Inch, they put it to music and animate it. It’s pretty awesome. I also found a video where someone illustrates the story on the actual pages of a Penguin paperback.

The Origin of Love

Clip from the film Hedwig & the Angry Inch

Video that illustrates the story