How to put the ragtop up on your Jeep Wrangler

100% of Jeep Wrangler owners all agree—it’s fun to ride with the top down. Let’s talk about ragtops only for now, not hard tops… Putting the ragtop down is a snap! Putting the top back up… BUZZ KILL. There’s a price to pay for everything.

Put your top back on!
Instructions for putting your Wrangler ragtop up:

  1. Procrastinate for 3 weeks to 3 months. Day, night, sunny, chilly, clear, foggy… it’s more fun to ride with the top down. If you don’t think so, you should not own a Wrangler. Go buy a Cherokee.
  2. When you feel the first drops of rain, or wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of a torrential downpour, don’t panic. Think for a minute… Where did you stash the rear side window panels?
  3. Grab your emergency Power Bar or Cliff Bar from the glove box. Eat it. You will need some extra energy. For some motivation, turn up your favorite Prodigy song, to help you keep a good pace.
  4. Starting at the back, raise the soft-top and secure the two main roof latches at the top of the windshield. Leave the soft-top’s side tabs above the door unclipped for now. If needed, push on the frame, from the back and then the middle, towards the front of your vehicle. Do this on both sides and you should be able to clip the main latches.
  5. Open the tail gate, unroll the back window, zip the sides, shut the gate and fasten the clips. Yep, this is one step. Easy breezy. Don’t get comfortable, the hard part’s coming.
  6. This next step is pivotal. It’s what 4 out of 5 Wrangler owners refer to as “the biggest bitch ever.” Take a few deep breaths and crack your knuckles. Ready? … Take the driver’s side rear window, connect the zipper and zip it about one to two inches. Now, insert the window’s tab into the catch by the door. Keep it in place by providing tension in the far upper corner with your right hand and then zip it the rest of the way. Start at the rear and insert the bottom window tab with your left hand and compress it in with your right palm, working toward the door. Secure the velcro seam. Then wipe the sweat off your brow. Now breathe. Exhale.
  7. Now repeat step 6 on the passenger side rear window. After doing one side, you’d think it would get easier. It doesn’t. Hang in there.
  8. Clip the soft-top’s side tabs which are above the door. Getting these tabs to snap in is also a bitch. A medium bitch compared to zipper hell. Just take your time and try not to bust a finger or knuckle.
  9. Ta da! You’re done. Finally, drive down to the nearest pub and have yourself an ice cold beer. You deserve it.


4 Responses to “How to put the ragtop up on your Jeep Wrangler”

  1. Chrissy Says:

    Alright.. but you have missed some details that can make it easier or even more of a bitch to put the top back up!
    cuz if your latches in the front aren’t in properly.. they have poped out on me.. or how about the plastic ones on the side over the doors.. if they are tucked under and u don’t realise it.. it’s a bitch to undo the latches on the front when that plastic gets stuck.
    also the back/side windows.. your 1-2 inches to do the zipper up… not working on my Jeep.. I can only zip mine JUST Far enough to keep the zipper in.. other wise i’m NOT getting the plastic in the grooves.
    and ladies…. good luck on not breaking a nail! lol I dunno how many times I have broken or chipped my nails trying to do the zippers back up.. and when it’s cold grrrr..

    But directions are alright.. but minor details u may want to change….
    and with practice.. it gets easier! lol i’ve cut my time in about half.. 🙂

  2. Darius Miranda Says:

    Using a pair of pliers to help zip up the side panels makes it SOOOO much easier. I should have tried that sooner!

  3. hydraulic car jack Says:

    I have to say, I could not agree with you in 100%, but it’s just my IMHO, which could be very wrong.
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  4. Noe Crupe Says:

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