UCLA Alumni Association Scholarship Program

The UCLA Alumni Association awards close to $1MM in scholarships each year. The high school seniors that apply represent some of the most talented future leaders. After volunteering for several years as a selection committee member, I jumped at the opportunity to chair the SF district… for several reasons:

  • Most of these kids apply to at least a dozen colleges and  have been admitted to most, if not all, of the schools. I want to genuinely help each student choose the right school, whether that’s UCLA or CAL or Stanford… I believe it’s best to ask students the right questions and let them choose which school is truly right for them rather than shoving “we’re the best” rhetoric at them til their heads spin.
  • Most Alumni tend to bash the Greek system, even at these interviews. Not if  I can help it. (I was a Pike at UCLA… Pi Kappa Alpha)
  • Volunteering keeps me close to UCLA while living up in NorCal.
  • Learn more about UCLA’s Alumni Assocation Scholarship Program.

If you have the chance to volunteer at a program at your alma mater, look into it. If you’re a UCLA alum in SF and want to participate in this season’s Alumni Scholarship program, email me. If you want to participate in your city’s local committee, I can put you in touch with your local district chair.


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