Radiohead’s NUDE remixed by AMP_LIVE


Radiohead remix by AMP_LIVE ft. Too $hort & MC Zumbi
Video footage from the Radiohead film Scotch Mist

Radiohead & Apm_Live


2 Responses to “Radiohead’s NUDE remixed by AMP_LIVE”

  1. corey Says:

    So Dope. Best album of the year so far. Fuck the record company, it’s already out there. Digital baby.

  2. Tommy Gallagher Says:

    This shit is so dope, and the Reckoner remix with 2na is the kind of sound that could transend the entire artform, if people could here it that is.
    I wish I could purchase this album, and would buy it on CD, Vinyl or MP3, anyway that I could get my hands on it would work for me.
    Tell the record companies that they are a huge embarassing failure for not releasing this album! They deserve to hear it. Big ups!

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