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Did somebody say, “PILLOW FIGHT?”

February 14, 2009

The Great San Francisco Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight started not too many years ago with just a handful of friends who told a handful of friends. Today it’s grown into a tradition for thousands of kids of all ages from all over the SF Bay Area as an alternative to the commercial lovefest honoring St. Valentine, or “foreplay” for the romance (or debauchery) that lies ahead for many couples who want to let off some steam before a big night out (or in).

Pillow Fight for Peace 2009 will take place in San Francisco at Justin Herman Plaza  (Market St & the Embarcadero). The official whistle will blow at 6pm. There are a few rules, like BYOP. There is no official dress code. Some come out in pajamas, others dress formal, and some brave few wear next to nothing.

Just looking? You may want to head over to Sens restaurant/bar for an awesome view of all the action. After the action, head over to 83 Proof for their Valentines Schmalentines party.

Gotta LOVE March Madness

March 22, 2008


Kevin Love scored 6 of UCLA’s 11 points in the 2nd half—finishing the game with 19 points and 11 boards. Bruins rally in the final minute to beat Texas A&M. 

Sporting #23

July 19, 2007


A couple weeks ago my 10-year old niece says, It seems like all the best players in sports are #23. She could very well be right.

David Beckham began training with his new team this week—the Los Angeles Galaxy—and he will be wearing the coveted #23.

Beckham press conference

Local LA news on Beckham’s first week training with the Galaxy

StL Cards win World Series

October 27, 2006

A sea of red celebrates as the Cardinals win the World Series

Lucky-Charm-Michelle helps the St. Louis Cardinals win another World Series. They beat the Tigers in just 5 games. Tonight’s final game (Game 5) was one helluva sloppy game. Super-sloppy. 

Congrats, Michelle! Now that the series is over, meet us at the Library!

Foosball—Insecure no more

October 21, 2006


Back at 160, I didn’t play foosball with the rest of them. I was insecure. And the one time I did play, the self-proclaimed A-listers said I played like a spaz. Ouch. Yeah, my feelings were hurt, but I didn’t cry or anything.

Now at 333, I’m one of the new guys. And when Nancy dropped out of the recent charity foosball tourney at the last minute, a small group was huddled around the commissioner’s desk scrambling to find another beginner to replace her. I just happened to be walking by and overheard them. And out of nowhere I found myself saying, “I’ll play.” Although insecure when it comes to foosball, I’ll still do anything to see someone writing my name on a whiteboard.

They paired me up with Jumper, top-ranked tourney hustler. His table skills are awesome and he plays smart. No drama. Doesn’t mouth off. Just plays his own zen-like foos. Knowing I’m new to the game, he spent five quick minutes going over the basics, including keep my feet up when I’m playing attack so I don’t block his shots from the backfield. No problem.

The tournament was successful. We raised money for some local school or kids’ group. And I raised my game. Jumper and I finished undefeated and won the tournament. Everyone that played in the tournament was super-nice and supportive. I made some new friends, which is always nice. Most important, I learned that I CAN play foosball. I know, I need to keep practicing. Give me some time.

Soon… Spaz show you how.

Like mother, like daughter

October 14, 2006


Did you know…?
When my sister Gladys was 13 years old, she won the Principal’s Award for top 8th grade female athlete. She had a volleyball serve that was near impossible to return.

It must run in the family—like mother, like daughter. Sometimes watching my niece Brittany playing sports is like watching a mini-version of her mom. Britt already has a collection of at least 20 trophies, medals and ribbons. Only 9-years old and just starting 4th grade, I can’t wait to see how many awards she racks up by the time she graduates from high school (hopefully SI). She and her teammates play well together in all three sports—volleyball, soccer and basketball—and they’re fortunate to have coaches that stress the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Keep it up, SC Irish!

This season, CYO girls teams are playing volleyball. Britt’s 4th grade team is currently undefeated (6-0) with two games left in the regular season.

By the way, look closely at the middle picture above. I just now noticed after uploading the images, both of Britt’s feet are off the ground.

Marcus competes in Tang Soo Do tourney

July 8, 2006

Marcus — Tang Soo Do tournament

Event:  2006 Tang Soo Do World Championship
Location:  Anaheim Convention Center
Featuring:  Marcus (Age 9)

My brother Alexis, his wife Sharon and their 9-year old son Marcus moved to Delaware three or four years ago. Until this weekend, it’s been over a year and a half since I’ve seen my nephew. Marky-boy is currently a brown belt in Tang Soo Do and competed in his first world championship tournament in Anaheim CA. In Friday’s group competition, his team took first place. In Saturday’s individual rounds he took 3rd place in weapons, and was an awesome sports fighter in the performance and sparring rounds. So proud of the boy!

Giants vs. A’s

June 23, 2006

Giants - Jason Schmidt and Steve Finley 

As Jason Schmidt and the San Francisco Giants took on Joe Blanton and the boys from across the bay, I took on Melissa for bragging rights to something, though I’m not sure to what exactly. No one takes baseball more seriously than Melissa. This girl is a die-hard A’s fanatic who swishes she was Mrs. Nick Swisher. Melissa showed up at AT&T Park early so she could watch A’s batting practice. I got to the ballpark late and spilled one of my beers looking for my seat. It was the bottom of the 2nd inning when I finally found Melissa. We had awesome seats in section 122 right between 3rd and home.

The theme that night was 80’s Night, and both teams were sporting vintage uniforms. Giants wore bright orange pullovers while the A’s wore bright green. Both teams wore stirrup socks. I don’t own any Giants gear, but I did wear my |||| Black Flag sweatshirt and faded orange Adidas ball cap. For a hot chick, Melissa geeked out big time in her A’s gear—green and white jersey shirt, green hooded sweatshirt and fat yellow hoop earrings. She also alternated between a green A’s ball cap and light green A’s knit skull cap with pins of her future ex-husbands, one in the front and one in the back. All this and more was snuggled under a fluffy A’s blanket. No girl rocks it like Melissa.

It was a great game that came down to the last inning…

Melissa, you’re baseball freak, care to comment on the actual game?