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January 13, 2011

Kubrick theme
Most people start blogging because they like to write, have stuff they want to share, or just want to be able to say,

“Hey, man. Have you checked out my blog?”

Well not me. I started this blog way back when to see how well I can trick out the original Kubrick theme. I saw all the different themes in the WP theme gallery, but I was a determined to use the little html I knew on the default layout and see let the content be the design

Plus, the color pallette of the Kubrick default theme matched the colors of my #IT Pound It! brand. And soon after, I married my love for writing and multi-media into this blog. For other bloggers out there…

What was your first blog? Ang what made you decide to start blogging?

Cebrebrate- Morning reflection

July 31, 2010

I beat my morning alarm again. I play a few turns of Words With Friends. I step into the common room, slide open the glass doors and sit out on the wooden deck. Barefoot. Plaid pj pants, tshirt. Specs. It’s cold. But i like it. Birds singing. I imagine the lyrics. Like a morning prayer. I hear droplets from overnight dew. I stare out into the distance. I am at Mount Madonna, nested in the mountains. this morning I am welcomed by a family of tall trees. Beyond them I see a soft shadow of sunrise that connects an ocean of low fog and the morning sky. A morning bell rings once.


Chuck P and I have the same birthday

May 16, 2010

In January 2006 I picked up my first Chuck Palahniuk book, a collection of true short stories called Stranger than Fiction. The following week I read Choke not knowing what I was getting myself into. Choke was so intense. When I finished reading it, I immediately smoked a cigarette. (For those wondering, I usually don’t smoke. However, that day I smoked a Newport.) After Choke I read Fight Club. It was just like the movie. Maybe better.

Invisible Monsters

I quickly moved on to Invisible Monsters. Perhaps my favorite Palahniuk book. I read it in two days. I couldn’t put it down. I was hooked on this guy’s writing. I had a different book in hand or on my desk from week to week. People at work had mistaken me for avid reader. Wanna know the sad truth? In the previous five years, I must have started reading at least two dozen books, but I didn’t finish any of them. Reading stacks of newspapers and PC/technology mags was a piece of cake, but novels put me right to sleep.  I was excited to be reading something other than magazines, newspapers and that David Sedaris.

Three weeks go by and I’m already on my 5th book. The next book I picked up was Palahniuk’s most recent work—Haunted. Parts were definitely hard to swallow, like Guts, but I got through all 400+ pages of that horror. I saw it as a character building experience. Reading Haunted made me stronger. Not physically stronger, but it was the kind of courage I needed at that particular time. I just turned 36. For a few minutes in between rounds of beer and/or wine with friends at IPND (the Italian Place Next Door), I found myself thinking—Yikes! I am now 36 years old. I am closer to being 50 than 20.

Back to me and my one-person book club… In less than two months, I read every Palahniuk book. A couple of them twice. Guess what I recently discovered browsing through MySpaceChuck Palahniuk and I have the same birthday—February 21. I wonder how many other people were born on the same day as their favorite writer. Kinda cool. Yet kinda creepy.

Rays of Light (3:45 to 4:00 pm)

December 7, 2008

Oean Beach horizonGreat Highway across from the Beach Chalet

Ocean Beach horizonAt Great Highway and Sloat Blvd

Ocean Beach horizonGreat Highway on the way up to Skyline Blvd

Sunday morn walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

November 16, 2008


The kids on Haloween

November 1, 2008

kids_haloweenKyle 7, Marc 12, Brit 11, Jake 1.75

witchypooWitchy-poo was featuring a little too hard.

Web Guild hosts Social Media Stratgies

October 30, 2008


twitter feed –

webguild_speakers#sms08 wall of shame



June 20, 2008

Enjoying a sunny day at Taylor’s after work

With friends like B:Rad throwing back dozens of PBRs. In cans, no less.

Steven’s surprise SF visit

April 25, 2008

Big 38 at AsiaSF

February 21, 2008

$ 10,000  !!

George Michael Bluth = SF Social Climber

February 6, 2008


The angry boy a bit too insane
– – – – –
I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend


Caught zooming through a FasTrak-Only lane

January 10, 2008

fastrak_jeep.jpgIt happened after the charity golf tournament. Lori and Emily hitched a ride back to the City with me. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and approach the toll plaza, but I wasn’t paying attention and ended up in a “FasTrak Only” lane—no toll collector, just a scanner looking for a FasTrak permit on my car. Oops. I zoomed through accepting the fact that several weeks later I can expect a hefty carpool violation ticket in the mail.A couple weeks later the dreaded FasTrack letter arrived. I didn’t want to know how much the fine was. I just wasn’t interested. To this date that piece of mail remains unopened. Several more weeks go by and another FasTrak envelope arrives with “Delinquent” in red ink staring at me. Did I open up this letter? Not right away. I let i t sit on my desk. Two more weeks pass—there are random notes and telpohone numbers covering both back and front of the envelope. Tonight I finally had the courage to open it up. Original fine = $40. (I was expecting something like $200+). Delinquent on top of the fine = $75. And there’s a final due date listed in bold letters, which coincidentally is TODAY!No time to be upset, I scan the letter for a URL hoping I can pay the fine online. It’s my lucky day.

  • :: Bay Area FasTrak
  • :: I type in the violation number and my license plate number
  • :: I click on the first link and an image of my car pops up
  • :: I read the instructions: Pay the fine or dispute it

Dispute is an option … Who knew? FasTrack-slackers can dispute violations online. So I write this slick draft (in Notepad), then I copy and paste it in the dispute box. I fail to see the “200 character limit” disclaimer, so my 1000+ character Aly McBeal-like argument gets truncated. I spend another hour trimming that sucker down to exactly 200 characters. This is what I submitted. Verbatim.

I seldom cross the GG Bridge, & I was not clear on Cash/FasTrak & FasTrak Only lanes. However, it was my understanding that a car w/3+ passengers is considered CARPOOL. There were 3 of us, so I thought I was OK passing through that lane. Thanks for your understanding.  

When we got to the toll gates,, it was 5 minutes before start of carpool hours. Cross your fingers…

I spy with my little eye something that starts with “F”

November 26, 2007


It’s one of those “Downtown Falcons” perching and showing off for binoculared people like us on the 24th floor.

Night & Day

November 12, 2007



This is what Steve’s been up to back in LA — Steve’s Savage Garden

So high… can’t come down!

October 6, 2007

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/30891&embedId=10033863&locale=en]

Up, down, turn around…

November 22, 2006

The view from my desk on the 19th floor

I am one of the lucky ones with a window seat at the office. The image you see above is the view I have from my desk on the 19th floor. This isn’t a side view or a tip-toe and crane-my-neck view—this is what I see when I am facing directly forward. I am truly lucky and very thankful.

Planning this blog post brought back memories of living on the west side of losAngeles. On the weekends I used to ride my RockHopper along the beach path from Marina del Rey to Redondo Beach stopping to watch when airplanes would fly low overhead. I stopped to watch every time.

Speaking of stopping to watch… Have you ever stopped to watch a construction team erect scaffoldings on a tall building? I did that for the first time this week—it was AMAZING! Across the street from the historic PG&E building, I found myself stopping to watch a vertical row of workers passing pipes and wood planks non-stop up a single-file human assembly line straight up 20+ stories. It was an awesome display of strength, precision timing and teamwork. Of all days not to have my camera!

The next morning I remembered to bring my camera hoping to shoot some video on the way to the office, but they weren’t doing the single-file vertical line gig from yesterday.  I didn’t see any workers. When I got up to our office on the 19th floor, I looked out the window and saw the entire team working at the top of the structure. From my desk, I have a distant view of the Bay Bridge and a close up view of gothic spires on the roof of the historic PG&E building across the street. I pulled out my camera and clicked a few photos and shot 60 seconds of video while the team erected the top rows of pipes and planks. Some workers had to climb up, down and around corners without safety harnesses. Others had to balance along single pipes in order to hammer in connectors and perpendicularsupports. I can’t imagine doing that job, and have so much respect for those that live it every day.

You’d think the sight of construction would ruin my view of the Bay Bridge. Just the opposite—as people in hard hats climbed up, across, over, and down, it looked less like construction and more like a team of players floating around in a 3-D video game matrix. All this with the Bay Bridge in the background—my view became more interesting, even more incredible, almost surreal. I’m thankful not only for my million dollar view, but also for my new perspective.

Background music for this photo/video montage—
New Order’s Temptation

“Up down turn around, please don’t let me hit the ground…” 

The World Cup of Beauty

July 28, 2006

Miss Universe winners

As a kid I remember watching Miss Universe pageants on TV with my parents. I could be wrong, but I specifically remember them airing the show from 10pm-Midnight (PST). Anyway, my mom would make me take a nap in the late afternoon/early evening if I wanted to stay up late and watch with her. These are some of the things I remember…

  • My parents were always interested in seeing who was representing the Philippines. They wanted to know her last name or what town she was from. Or was she full Filipino or a mestiza. Our family moved to America in 1973, when I was 3-years old. Apparently Miss Philippines won that year and Miss USA was 1st runner up.
  • I remember another year Miss Philippines was in the top 5. She was the shortest by far, and she wore some weird dress that went off to the sides and she had to hold her arms out the entire time. Miss Trinidad and Tobago won that year—she was the first black Miss Universe. That was in 1977.
  • The following year, I remember asking my parents why Miss South Africa was white and not black. They told me there were both black and white people in that country, but they didn’t mention anything about Apartheid. The again, how do you expain that to an 8-year old? Miss South Africa won that year—1978.
  • I also clearly remember an interview with Miss Israel. Bob Barker asked what she did back at home, and Miss Israel said she was a soldier. She followed up by saying she was really good at shooting with machine guns. I remember my parents talking how both men and women have to serve two years in the military after graduating from high school before they can go to college.
  • My last childhood Miss Universe memory is of Shawn Wetherly. I remember watching her win Miss USA, she was from Hawaii. And I was routing for her to win because she was dating a 49er. Her boyfriend was Dwight Clark. This was in 1980. I was 10 years old.

I don’t have many adult memories of Miss Universe. However, the one I felt closest to was1996 Miss Venezuela—Alicia Machado. I really had no clue who she was until one day I saw a soundbyte of her on Entertainment Tonight. At the time she was getting so much heat from her home country and pageant officials about how much weight she quickly gained. And remember her saying, “So what if I’m a little chubby. Look at me—I am STILL cute!” At the time I was living in losAngeles, and it turned out I knew people who were good friends with her—David and Jose Luis. She would stay with them up at their house up in the Hollywood Hills when she was in town. They joked about how all of her Louis Vuitton luggage filled their entire 2-car garage. I never actually met her, but I think she’s awesome.

From Wikipedia

World Region





Sweden (3), Finland (2), France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Russia* and Spain

North America


USA (7), Canada (2) and Mexico

South America


Venezuela (4), Brazil (2), Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Peru

Central Am.



Puerto Rico (5), Trinidad & Tobago (2), Dominican Republic and Panama*



India (2), Philippines (2), Thailand (2) and Japan



Botswana, Namibia and South Africa



Australia (2) and New Zealand



Israel and Lebanon

*Russia had to step down one year and was replaced with the first runner up from Panama

Official Miss Universe website



July 19, 2006


Boulder company Crocs makes non-slip outdoor sandals designed with airholes and made of a unique foam plastic that prevents foot sweat and odor. Hell-o! If you know me, you know I dig clogs. And you know I hate wearing socks. I love Crocs.

Crocs come in both standard and funky colors. Though I’ve gotten many compliments on my Crocs, I’ve had a few haters tell me they look like kids shoes or gardening clogs. My 4-year old nephew teases me about my clown shoes. Somebody needs to either grow up or pick on someone his own size.

 The unofficial Crocs spokesmodel  | These shoes rule, these shoes suck



June 19, 2006
eBay Store:  Midwest Sports Tennis and Sandals

Birkenstock makes the grooviest, most comfortable sandals that retail anywhere from $95 – $125 a pair. I just purchased brand new sandals for only $41. Visit the Midwest Sports Tennis and Sandals eBay store, bypass the auctions and page through to the end of the listings where you can Buy It Now for less than $45 a pair. The price includes free UPS shipping.

My package arrived three days later. Extra kudos to this eBay retailer for super-quick FREE shipping.


Eames Aluminum Group lounge chairs

June 1, 2006

Eames Aluminum Group lounge chairs

Designer:  Charles Eames
Manufacturer:  Herman Miller

I found a good deal on eBay for a pair of vintage high back Eames Aluminum Group lounge chairs. New they would retail for over two grand a piece. They’re in great condition, and shipping across the country using Greyhound Express was only $50 total for both chairs.

Does anyone know where I can find a matching ottoman?

Eames Film Festival
Sponsored by DWR