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Who needs a dog-walker?

December 30, 2008


Jake’s dog-walking service

Wii Fit

July 5, 2008

According to Wii Fit… Mii Fat.

Before and after

June 26, 2008

Jake @ 6 months

Jake @ 17 months

Baby Phat Friday

April 11, 2008

Can you guess who was “Safe-Sitter”-certified in 4th grade at the National Babysitter Academy?

Pour some sugar on me!

January 2, 2008


2007 flew by so quickly—didn’t it? … Here to help us ROCKET! the new year is my God son JACOB in a tribute to his dad’s all-time favorite rock guitarist — Phil Collen from Def Leppard. (See photo of Alexis and Phil below)

Tomorrow (Jan 3rd) is a very special day. Big Jake will celbrate his 1st birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOY!

(Phil & Alexis—Backstage)

Big smile on big Jake

October 15, 2007

[ Look at the smile on this kid… now 9 months old. ]

[ Here’s Jake hanging around at the park. ]

Jacob gets an A+ for effort

July 30, 2007

Jake wants to crawl so badly. He’s not quite there yet, but big boy get an A+ for effort!

22 pounds and all SMILES

July 30, 2007

What does Big Jake think of the iPhone?

July 30, 2007

Jacob can turn over onto his belly really quickly… especially when his favorite video is playing on Uncle D’s iPhone.

Find out what Uncle D has to say about the iPhone, printed in the SF Chronicle Technology section, and Two Cents blog.

Almost 6 months old

June 29, 2007


Baby Jake, almost 6 months old — picture this kid with a full set of teeth…

Kyle’s F word

April 9, 2007


Easter brunch
I joined my sister’s family and the Arquero’s for Hawaiian brunch today at Hukilau on Geary. My 10-year old niece Brit was pretty in pink, and my 5-year old nephew Kyle was looking extra-handsome in his navy blue suit (same one he wore at his pre-school graduation). In less than 10 months, his pants were already floods. He’s growing so fast, and in so many ways.  Check this out…

Last year Kyle went through a Brady Bunch phase. From watching the early Brady Bunch episodes, Kyle turned into a tattle-tale. He thinks it’s his duty as the youngest child to be the snitch. So watch your language around this kid. He’s not afraid to get all up in your face with his signature taunt, “Oooh… Shame shame!”  That’s not it—but it’s coming…

Kyle = something else
It was a sunny day, so we sat outside. The four kids were at one end of the table goofing off, while the parents and Uncle Dewey (that’s me) drank mojitos and margaritas at the other end. During the conversation I mentioned Flickr. Kyle stopped mid-sentence, turned his head, got out of his seat, walked over to me and said, “Oooh, Shame shame! You said the F word!” I picked him up and sat him on my lap and said, “Oh really. Tell me—what’s the F word?” He whispered in my ear “Flick.” Then he announced to the entire table, “Uncle Dewey said Flick. Shame shame! That’s a bad word.” Brit laughed, “Hell-O! Flick? That is NOT a bad word.” Kyle disagreed with her as usual and stomped back to his seat. Everyone laughed. Cute, huh? Kyle didn’t think so.  Almost there…

I heard a faint voice calling, “Unc-le De-wey…” I turned and saw Kyle at the other end of the table staring at me with a serious look on his face. Then I noticed he was holding his right hand just barely visible over the top of the table with his middle finger sticking straight up. I’m thought to myself, “Oh, no, he didn’t!” But oh, yes, he did—the kid flipped me off! As my jaw dropped, Kyle mouthed the word “Flick” and then gave me this smart-alec smirk. He quickly ducked his hand under the table, but it was too late. His mom (my sister, Glad) saw that little finger and screamed, “OMG! Greg, did you see what your son just did?!” Greg dropped his fork. Karen and Gerry LOL’d. Brit, Claudia and Sage giggled. Kyle was looking for someone to high-five. I just sat there—speechless.

Big bro and Lil bro

March 10, 2007


Marc & Jake
Camden, Delware

Notes to follow…


Welcome to the newest Miranda!

January 3, 2007

This annoucement is from  my brother Alexis, his wife Sharon, and their son Marcus. They currently live in Camden, Delaware. 

Hi everybody…..
Sharon had an emergency c-section and the baby is here 4 weeks early. The little fella was born Jan 3, 2006 at 4:46 pm.  Still no name yet.  He is in the NICU right now getting IV antibiotics, getting his blood sugar into normal range, and learning how to eat.  He’ll be there for a few days. He is 20 inches long and weighs 8 lbs 0.5 ounces—pretty big premie!
Sharon is doing well. Just having lots of pain and is moving very slow. She will probably be coming home Saturaday or Sunday.
Attached are a few photos….
—Alexis, Sharon, Marcus & new baby boy

Baby Boy Miranda

Baby Boy Miranda

Sharon & Boy

Alexis & Boy

5-year old kid crashes supermodel party

October 24, 2006

Kindergarten Kyle spent Saturday afternoon partying with the girls from America’s Next Top Model. This half-pint tricked them into believing he was Angelina Jolie’s son, and that Brad Pitt would be picking him up when the pumpkin carving party was over. Out of all the tall pretty girls, Kyle said Cat and Danielle are his favorites. He plans on inviting them to his 6th brithday party next year.

Like mother, like daughter

October 14, 2006


Did you know…?
When my sister Gladys was 13 years old, she won the Principal’s Award for top 8th grade female athlete. She had a volleyball serve that was near impossible to return.

It must run in the family—like mother, like daughter. Sometimes watching my niece Brittany playing sports is like watching a mini-version of her mom. Britt already has a collection of at least 20 trophies, medals and ribbons. Only 9-years old and just starting 4th grade, I can’t wait to see how many awards she racks up by the time she graduates from high school (hopefully SI). She and her teammates play well together in all three sports—volleyball, soccer and basketball—and they’re fortunate to have coaches that stress the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Keep it up, SC Irish!

This season, CYO girls teams are playing volleyball. Britt’s 4th grade team is currently undefeated (6-0) with two games left in the regular season.

By the way, look closely at the middle picture above. I just now noticed after uploading the images, both of Britt’s feet are off the ground.

Marcus competes in Tang Soo Do tourney

July 8, 2006

Marcus — Tang Soo Do tournament

Event:  2006 Tang Soo Do World Championship
Location:  Anaheim Convention Center
Featuring:  Marcus (Age 9)

My brother Alexis, his wife Sharon and their 9-year old son Marcus moved to Delaware three or four years ago. Until this weekend, it’s been over a year and a half since I’ve seen my nephew. Marky-boy is currently a brown belt in Tang Soo Do and competed in his first world championship tournament in Anaheim CA. In Friday’s group competition, his team took first place. In Saturday’s individual rounds he took 3rd place in weapons, and was an awesome sports fighter in the performance and sparring rounds. So proud of the boy!

Kyle’s Graduation

June 9, 2006

Kyle Grad

School:  Little Star, Too — Pre-school graduation
Featuring:  Kyle (Age 4)

My nephew Kyle is something else. The kid giggles uncontrollably when he dribbles a basketball and screams when you try to steal it from him. When we play catch, he never throws the ball directly to me. He does this on purpose so I have to run and chase it. He’s exhausting. He tags along when I play golf and cries if I won’t let him carrying his own still-way-too-big-for-him golf bag. He ignores all of the pointers I give him and mocks me whenever I swing and miss, which is often. We’re so loud at the driving range that twice they’ve asked us to leave. Both times Kyle insisted it was my fault.

Kyle just graduated from pre-school. He can memorize the words to any song and dances like a drunk European rockstar. He stands 42.5 inches tall and weighs in at 42.5 pounds. He calls his optometrist—the Eye Dentist. One day while wearing his favorite Spiderman tank top, Kyle made an important announcement—I have 3 belly buttons. HUH? Yeah, that’s what we said. He pointed to his navel, then to his nipples while counting out loud 1-2-3. His grandma LOL’d so hard, her teeth fell out.

More notes coming soon…

Interview with a Munchkin

April 28, 2006

Oz Brittany

Production:  The Wizard of Oz
Directed by: 
Katy Porter
Produced by:  St. Cecilia’s Drama Club
Featuring:  Brittany (Age 9)
Roles:  Munchkin, Poppy and Monkey

This is my first interview with Brittany.

What was the name of the Play?
The name of the play was the Wizard of Oz.                      

Who directed the play?
Katy Porter directed it. She’s a good director. She went to high school with my mommy but that’s not why I got a part. 

How many students were in the cast?
I’d say there were about 75 people. 

What was your role?
I had three roles in the play. My main one was a Munchkin Teacher. My second one was a poppy in a poppy field. My favorite one was a flying monkey. 

Can you describe the personalities of your characters?
The munchkin teacher was a kind munchkin. The poppies were under a spell by the wicked witch! The monkeys were loud and scary. 

Did you have any lines?
Mostly the main characters had lines. My characters mostly had singing. “You’ve killed her so completely that we thank you very sweetly”, the munchkin teacher said that line. As a poppy I just sang, and for a flying monkey just made weird monkey noises. 

What was your favorite song?
My favorite song was Ding Dong the Wicked Witch Is Dead

If you had a chance to be in another play, would you do it?
It depends if I’m too busy. 

What is your dream role? 
I really want to play Jan Brady in a new Brady Bunch TV show.