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Looking back, then forward

January 13, 2011

About 10 years ago I bought my first digital camera. An Olympus something, 3.1 mega-pixels. The first week I had it, I dropped it and the flash broke. Probably one of the best things that could’ve happened. It forced me to learn how to use available light. And today I find flash to be generally obnoxious, washes people out, especially point-and-click cameras that fit in your pocket.

I lived in losAngeles at the time, and I remember walking down Melrose one day just clicking pics of random stuff. I ended up clicking more than 250 images. My little memory card was full. When I got home I downloaded the pics, browsed them quickly and picked about 20 images. Then I narrowed them to 9 images, and this is what I came up with. It was weird, as if the images arranged themselves.

Random images on Melrose

The crazy part… I arranged them and was able to interpret it almost instantly. I found so much personal meaning in complete randomness. So quickly, effortlessly, no thought went into it. And it felt like visual poetry.

LOOK and BODY are in opposite corners, and they represented the materalism and the gym/fitness that engrossed my life at that time.

FLOWERS and CITRUS occupy the other corners. Nature. The romantic in me (Ha!) and my love for the outdoors. During that time I was walking up Runyon Canyon almost daily, religiously. I loved it.

PISCES and ARCHITECTURE are center top and bottom. Outer space and earth. Opposing forces of dreams and structure or discipline. Left brain, right brain. At that time it seemed easy to balance both.

Middle left and right are ENERGYand LUCK. The rays represent energy, like Keith Haring’s signature pop art. The sum of those digits equals 21.

Last but not least, FAITH remains at the center of everything.

This collage feels so balanced. And at that time I felt my life was balanced.

Looking back. Reflection and introspection. This exercise is helping me look forward. And I am looking forward to more life balance in 2011.

What are you looking forward to in 2011?

Jetfighter man – that’s what I am…

October 11, 2009

Blue Angels - SF Fleet Week

SF Fleet WeekBlue Angels photos

Blue Angels - SF Fleet Week

SF Fleet WeekBlue Angels photos

Blue Angels - SF Fleet Week

JETFIGHTER – cover by Bart Davenport
Original song by The Three O’Clock

Funkify yourself in 30 seconds

March 8, 2009

originalOriginal photo





Go ahead… be funky.

The Getty Center

April 26, 2008

I found the gardens more exciting than the museum.

David Hockney turned hundreds of 4″x6″ into a single 4’x6′

9 pictures are worth 9,000 words

December 27, 2007


When I got my first digital camera six or seven years ago, I took a long walk down Melrose Ave in Los Angeles and just clicked away. After downloading the 200+ images, I highlighted the ones that I liked. And within seconds I randomly arranged these images into 3 throws of 3. These 9 images, combined with their positions in this 3×3 grid, make up a story that I can tell over and over again.

Amsterdam in December

December 18, 2007

Click each photo for more images… 

[ Architecture ]

[ Bikes ]

[ Grafitti/street art ]

[ Canals ]

[ Local art ]

[ Stores/local businesses ]

View the entire set on Flickr

So high… can’t come down!

October 6, 2007

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22 pounds and all SMILES

July 30, 2007

Paris—Je t’aime

July 13, 2007

I took these photos in 2001. I fell in love with Paris immediately. (Paris, France. Not Paris Hilton.) Seeing the film Paris, Je t’aime quickly brought back memories.