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Thicker than pea soup

December 19, 2007


I spy with my little eye something that starts with “F”

November 26, 2007


It’s one of those “Downtown Falcons” perching and showing off for binoculared people like us on the 24th floor.


December 14, 2006

This is how we roll … Not bad for a bunch of bankers!
Rockstar 1214 at the Great American Music Hall

Up, down, turn around…

November 22, 2006

The view from my desk on the 19th floor

I am one of the lucky ones with a window seat at the office. The image you see above is the view I have from my desk on the 19th floor. This isn’t a side view or a tip-toe and crane-my-neck view—this is what I see when I am facing directly forward. I am truly lucky and very thankful.

Planning this blog post brought back memories of living on the west side of losAngeles. On the weekends I used to ride my RockHopper along the beach path from Marina del Rey to Redondo Beach stopping to watch when airplanes would fly low overhead. I stopped to watch every time.

Speaking of stopping to watch… Have you ever stopped to watch a construction team erect scaffoldings on a tall building? I did that for the first time this week—it was AMAZING! Across the street from the historic PG&E building, I found myself stopping to watch a vertical row of workers passing pipes and wood planks non-stop up a single-file human assembly line straight up 20+ stories. It was an awesome display of strength, precision timing and teamwork. Of all days not to have my camera!

The next morning I remembered to bring my camera hoping to shoot some video on the way to the office, but they weren’t doing the single-file vertical line gig from yesterday.  I didn’t see any workers. When I got up to our office on the 19th floor, I looked out the window and saw the entire team working at the top of the structure. From my desk, I have a distant view of the Bay Bridge and a close up view of gothic spires on the roof of the historic PG&E building across the street. I pulled out my camera and clicked a few photos and shot 60 seconds of video while the team erected the top rows of pipes and planks. Some workers had to climb up, down and around corners without safety harnesses. Others had to balance along single pipes in order to hammer in connectors and perpendicularsupports. I can’t imagine doing that job, and have so much respect for those that live it every day.

You’d think the sight of construction would ruin my view of the Bay Bridge. Just the opposite—as people in hard hats climbed up, across, over, and down, it looked less like construction and more like a team of players floating around in a 3-D video game matrix. All this with the Bay Bridge in the background—my view became more interesting, even more incredible, almost surreal. I’m thankful not only for my million dollar view, but also for my new perspective.

Background music for this photo/video montage—
New Order’s Temptation

“Up down turn around, please don’t let me hit the ground…” 

Foosball—Insecure no more

October 21, 2006


Back at 160, I didn’t play foosball with the rest of them. I was insecure. And the one time I did play, the self-proclaimed A-listers said I played like a spaz. Ouch. Yeah, my feelings were hurt, but I didn’t cry or anything.

Now at 333, I’m one of the new guys. And when Nancy dropped out of the recent charity foosball tourney at the last minute, a small group was huddled around the commissioner’s desk scrambling to find another beginner to replace her. I just happened to be walking by and overheard them. And out of nowhere I found myself saying, “I’ll play.” Although insecure when it comes to foosball, I’ll still do anything to see someone writing my name on a whiteboard.

They paired me up with Jumper, top-ranked tourney hustler. His table skills are awesome and he plays smart. No drama. Doesn’t mouth off. Just plays his own zen-like foos. Knowing I’m new to the game, he spent five quick minutes going over the basics, including keep my feet up when I’m playing attack so I don’t block his shots from the backfield. No problem.

The tournament was successful. We raised money for some local school or kids’ group. And I raised my game. Jumper and I finished undefeated and won the tournament. Everyone that played in the tournament was super-nice and supportive. I made some new friends, which is always nice. Most important, I learned that I CAN play foosball. I know, I need to keep practicing. Give me some time.

Soon… Spaz show you how.

Al Pacino & Wells Fargo

October 8, 2006

Do you think Al Pacino ever checks his own bank account balances? Sometimes he has to—like the time he wanted to buy an astronaut bed, but he didn’t have enough money in his checking account to cover the purchase.  Pacino calls Wells Fargo to ask WTF? This SNL skit aired a couple weeks ago. Bill Hader does a good Pacino, and Kristen Wiig is a believable Wells Fargo customer service rep on the other end of the line. This video is hilarious!

Chad is rad

August 4, 2006

Chad is rad 

Thursday, 8/3/06: It’s true. Chad is rad. And while we will miss seeing Chad every day, we’re happy he’s moving on to UC Berkeley to be the big man boy on campus. Transitioning from from an eBiz application UI designer to studying international political something-or-another, Chad will have endless opportunities to discuss politics as much as he wants. And while a top-notch 4-year university has a lot to offer, he has a lot to offer in return. Chad works hard and stays driven, and is clearly an individual with his own sense of style. These 18 year old kids at Berkeley need role models like Chad around—especially when they need someone with an ID to buy them beer. 

On Chad’s second-to-last day with Wells Fargo, Gianna arranged the Chad Is Rad farewell party with 25 or 75 of Chad’s closest friends. We reserved Pasta Paradiso on Spear Street, a local restaurant some refer to as IPND—the Italian Place Next Door. After IPND, a dirty dozen took Chad to Zebulon on Natoma. And in the homestretch, a handful of diehards dragged their asses to The Attic on 24th and Mission before throwing Chad on the last BART train back to Oakland.

Friday, 8/4/06: Chad’s last day with the Bank ends with a recovery party at Beale Street. Watch how Chad entertains his friends—click on the two-part series below, and turn the volume way up! 

Chad on MySpace