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PCE Release Party

August 20, 2009

Porkchop Express’s Fault Lines & Good Times just dropped, and Thursday night’s CD release party was a rockin’ good time. Rumor has it they will be the first opening band for Def Leppard’s SF/Mtn View show, along with Cheap Trick and Poison. THAT would be HUGE.

It's huge!

It's HUGE!

7 x 7 = 100

February 21, 2009

100 good eats

100 good eats, that is… The Big Eat SF: 100 things to try before you die

From this list, these are the things I have experienced first-hand. I look forward to trying more from this list. Hopefully sooner than later.

1. Roast chicken and bread salad at Zuni
7. Shaking beef at the Slanted Door
10. Baja-style fish tacos at Nick’s Crispy Tacos
11. Pork sugo with pappardelle at Delfina
14. Beef brisket at Memphis Minnie’s
18. Salumi misti plate at Perbacco
21. Pizza margherita at Pizzeria Delfina
33. Prime rib at House of Prime Rib
40. Cheeseburger at Taylor’s Automatic Refresher
43. Mint julep at Alembic
49. Ginger snaps at Miette
87. Fresh spring rolls at Out the Door
88. Buckwheat crepe and a French cider at Ti Couz
91. Albondigas soup at Mijita
92. Bacon-wrapped hot dog from a cart in the Mission
96. Baby-coconut (Macapuno) ice cream from Mitchell’s
98. Basil gimlet at Rye

Read 7×7’s complete list |  Add your own must try’s, in SF or elsewhere

Did somebody say, “PILLOW FIGHT?”

February 14, 2009

The Great San Francisco Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight started not too many years ago with just a handful of friends who told a handful of friends. Today it’s grown into a tradition for thousands of kids of all ages from all over the SF Bay Area as an alternative to the commercial lovefest honoring St. Valentine, or “foreplay” for the romance (or debauchery) that lies ahead for many couples who want to let off some steam before a big night out (or in).

Pillow Fight for Peace 2009 will take place in San Francisco at Justin Herman Plaza  (Market St & the Embarcadero). The official whistle will blow at 6pm. There are a few rules, like BYOP. There is no official dress code. Some come out in pajamas, others dress formal, and some brave few wear next to nothing.

Just looking? You may want to head over to Sens restaurant/bar for an awesome view of all the action. After the action, head over to 83 Proof for their Valentines Schmalentines party.

Hot dawg!

August 18, 2008

Any SF natives recognize these puppies? There were three giant Doggie Diner heads in a big red wagon parked across from Java Beach over the weekend.

Laosy Life – Go Away Party #2

July 28, 2008

Touk making baloon animals for her Go Away party

Touk & Jovanna

Erica & Jovanna

Ike wants to jump in

Corner of 45th & Judah

July 6, 2008

They painted this wall mural on the outside wall of this new restaurant opening up where vegan Feel Real used to be on the corner of 45th & Judah. It’s at least 8 or 9 feet tall.

Enough to ruin your buzz

June 14, 2008

On the way to Thieve’s Tavern, we stumbled upon something so heinous we lost our buzz. A hefty bag and a Nordtrom shopping bag were found containing dozens of naked Cabbage Patch Kids on the Dubouce sidewalk just below Valencia. By the apparent Xavier Roberts signatures on the tushies of these victims, they were authentic CPKs, some of them still preemies. Even more shocking was finding a light blue Care Bare in the middle of it all.

Said a passer by…

Who would steal Cabbage Patch Kids clothes, then turn around and throw the babies out with the bathwater? It makes no sense to me whatsoever.


Friday the 13th self-portrait

June 13, 2008

Je parlais avec la cousine de Julz à Montréal au sujet de mon voyage. Ma partie préférée de la ville est la rue St. Catherine. Aux restaurants, je dirais à la serveuse, “Merci mon petit poulet.” Après qu’ils me frappent à ma tête avec le menu. Et je dirais le taxi driver me porter à la maison de Celine Dion maintenant. Vite. Rapidment. S’il te plais. 

Table for two

June 6, 2008

Bubble Lounge  >  Kells  >  Chow  >  Pilsner

Don’t ask me how all of us managed to fit at that table for two…

Bubble Lounge – Pink champagne and oysters loosens up the tightest crowd. It also puts lead in your pencil.

Kells – The Irish Catholic in me always likes it.

Chow – Pork chops and polenta are good, but nothing beats talent in a Tattoo You t-shirt.

Pilsner – Throwing back Hoegaarden while playing pinball is a ridiculous way to end the most nervous night.

When the bullet hits the bone

May 26, 2008

Flatline Transmissions rockit! Notes coming soon…

944 clicks at MR. while JULZ clicks triples

May 23, 2008

MR. is a bar/barbershop in the SF FiDi. Not your typical barbershop like Russ’s in Mill Valley. MR. is a fancy bar with a full service hair salon in the back, shoeshine stands on the way to the toilets, and massage and nails upstairs. I could be wrong about upstairs—I never went up there. And in the main front room is a lounge with a two-tender bar that serves only beer, wine and champ. Nothing hard. Food? All I saw was white on rice.

Personally, after work I like stalking bartenders that will make a margarita in my mouth. And when I’m having my back shaved, I like my Jack and Coke. And for you ladies… while MR. will serve you at the bar, they will NOT do your hair. Boys rule only.


FiDi=Financial District. Three years in SF, I’m just now learning the stupid lingo. DYL=Destroy Your Liver. Who yelps up this garbarge? Gimme a break.

Now on to JULZ. Julz is this groovy NB chick that knows her SOX. According to US Magazine, we never dated… we just “hooked-up” from time-to-time. I now know her as the party-photog that likes to frame three people in every click. 


Yelp selects new MOTHERBOY

May 4, 2008


P.S. Happy Birthday, George Michael!


April 29, 2008

Snake Whiskey… it changed my life.

Nothing ventured nothing gained

Nite and day
Black beach sand to red clay
The US to UK, NYC to LA
From sidewalks to highways
See it’ll never be the same again
What I’m sayin’
My mind frame never changed
’til you came rearranged

(Lyrics lifted from Mel C and Lisa Lopes)

Late night with Anita Greencard

April 27, 2008

When I lived in losAngeles, I partied like a rockstar.

LA Meets SF — T.G.I.F.

April 26, 2008

DM, Tila and George Michael

Steven’s surprise SF visit

April 25, 2008

Pink-I > P&S > PCE > Parkside

April 17, 2008

Someday soon I will be ready to talk about what happened that night.

Monday nights at 83 Proof

March 25, 2008


Monday nights at 83 Proof are the best. Especially when Juan Jeremy shows up. He’s always cranking his manual video camera looking for the next big star. He’s ridiculous!


Destiny’s Children

March 9, 2008

Mad’s birfday at SUNDAY’S ARE A DRAG — Harry Denton’s Starlight Room at the top of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in SF’s Union Square… followed by some messy drinking at ZEITGEIST


I want my leather harness back!

Too $hort @ 1015 Folsom

February 23, 2008


The show was hella fun!