What’s next?

May 7, 2009

Sitting in a single seat facing backwards on a 100 mph ICE train from Hamburg to Berlin… panoramic view of brick buildings, trees, bridges, farms. Traveling with my back to my destination,  I have two quality hours to look back and reflect on the next09 Conference—Share Economy, featuring 100+ EU and US speakers in four accelerated unstructured tracks, everyone eager to share and learn.

next09 at Kampnaghel, Hamburg

What would google do? – Institutions dehumanize – Social Media is sociology, not technology – What are you doing? What did you learn? – What’s on your mind? What inspires you? – There’s too much ME in Social MEdia – Stop trying to define yourself and start creating yourself – Web 2.0 – Friend me, Add me, Follow me, Like me RT me – Billions of tweets in the new statusphere – Seven Rules of the Chief Meaning Officer – Customer service is the new marketing – Customers talking – Enterprise 2.0 – Open enterprise – Companies don’t blog, people do – Watch this Live this…

We are what we share.


March 8, 2009

Live iPhone musical performance — “Kids”
by MGMT played on iPhones and iPod Touches

These geeky gadget girls ROCK!

Funkify yourself in 30 seconds

March 8, 2009

originalOriginal photo





Go ahead… be funky.


Radiohead’s NUDE remixed by AMP_LIVE

February 26, 2009


Radiohead remix by AMP_LIVE ft. Too $hort & MC Zumbi
Video footage from the Radiohead film Scotch Mist

Radiohead & Apm_Live

UCLA Alumni Association Scholarship Program

February 25, 2009

The UCLA Alumni Association awards close to $1MM in scholarships each year. The high school seniors that apply represent some of the most talented future leaders. After volunteering for several years as a selection committee member, I jumped at the opportunity to chair the SF district… for several reasons:

  • Most of these kids apply to at least a dozen colleges and  have been admitted to most, if not all, of the schools. I want to genuinely help each student choose the right school, whether that’s UCLA or CAL or Stanford… I believe it’s best to ask students the right questions and let them choose which school is truly right for them rather than shoving “we’re the best” rhetoric at them til their heads spin.
  • Most Alumni tend to bash the Greek system, even at these interviews. Not if  I can help it. (I was a Pike at UCLA… Pi Kappa Alpha)
  • Volunteering keeps me close to UCLA while living up in NorCal.
  • Learn more about UCLA’s Alumni Assocation Scholarship Program.

If you have the chance to volunteer at a program at your alma mater, look into it. If you’re a UCLA alum in SF and want to participate in this season’s Alumni Scholarship program, email me. If you want to participate in your city’s local committee, I can put you in touch with your local district chair.

Do you BAMBOO?

February 21, 2009


My grandmother lived in a BAMBOO nipa hut

My dad is the youngest of 10 kids. My grandmother survived her husband more than 40 years. She never remarried. While she rolled her own cigarettes and drank dark beer every day, she lived for more than a century. She loved life. On her 102nd birthday, she insisted she was 110 and that no one can prove her wrong. She lived most of her life in a provincial town in the Philippines. Even when a 3 bedroom house was built on her land, she insisted on spending most of her indoor time in her bamboo nipa hut built on stilts. I will write more about her in the future.

BAMBOO is not a tree, it’s grass

Bamboo is fast-growing and durable. Some can grow up to 24 inches per day. It can be harvested in 3 years to make hardwood, unlike 15 years for most trees. There are close to 1,000 species of bamboo that can be found around the world in diverse regions – from cold mountains to hot tropics.  Many of us may see bamboo as garden decor, but it’s also extensively used as building material and a food source.

CNN recently published a video that highlights bamboo.

Watch the CNN video – http://tr.im/bamboovideo



The ASUS Ecobook BAMBOO Laptop

BAMBOO – the rock band

Do you BAMBOO?

7 x 7 = 100

February 21, 2009

100 good eats

100 good eats, that is… The Big Eat SF: 100 things to try before you die

From this list, these are the things I have experienced first-hand. I look forward to trying more from this list. Hopefully sooner than later.

1. Roast chicken and bread salad at Zuni
7. Shaking beef at the Slanted Door
10. Baja-style fish tacos at Nick’s Crispy Tacos
11. Pork sugo with pappardelle at Delfina
14. Beef brisket at Memphis Minnie’s
18. Salumi misti plate at Perbacco
21. Pizza margherita at Pizzeria Delfina
33. Prime rib at House of Prime Rib
40. Cheeseburger at Taylor’s Automatic Refresher
43. Mint julep at Alembic
49. Ginger snaps at Miette
87. Fresh spring rolls at Out the Door
88. Buckwheat crepe and a French cider at Ti Couz
91. Albondigas soup at Mijita
92. Bacon-wrapped hot dog from a cart in the Mission
96. Baby-coconut (Macapuno) ice cream from Mitchell’s
98. Basil gimlet at Rye

Read 7×7’s complete list |  Add your own must try’s, in SF or elsewhere

This American Life… perfect for rainy days

February 15, 2009


Rainy days are perfect for catching up on podcasts. Familiar voices can be like comfort food. Such is the case with Ira Glass, host of This American Life. Some rainy days I go back and re-listen to old favorites.

Today I went back a few years to Episode 281: My Big Break.

Skip to Act Three: Oedipus HexShalom Auslander reads his true story, “The Blessing Bee.” It’s like a spelling bee, but instead of words, kids compete reciting complicated Hebrew blessings said before eating certain foods.

Foreskin's LamentIt tickles me every time Auslandert gratuitously throws in quick admissions of all the sins he committed as a kid. Watch Auslander’s video – Foreskin’s Lament.

What are your favorite podcasts? Leave a comment

Did somebody say, “PILLOW FIGHT?”

February 14, 2009

The Great San Francisco Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight started not too many years ago with just a handful of friends who told a handful of friends. Today it’s grown into a tradition for thousands of kids of all ages from all over the SF Bay Area as an alternative to the commercial lovefest honoring St. Valentine, or “foreplay” for the romance (or debauchery) that lies ahead for many couples who want to let off some steam before a big night out (or in).

Pillow Fight for Peace 2009 will take place in San Francisco at Justin Herman Plaza  (Market St & the Embarcadero). The official whistle will blow at 6pm. There are a few rules, like BYOP. There is no official dress code. Some come out in pajamas, others dress formal, and some brave few wear next to nothing.

Just looking? You may want to head over to Sens restaurant/bar for an awesome view of all the action. After the action, head over to 83 Proof for their Valentines Schmalentines party.

More on Kurt Vonnegut…

February 8, 2009

From channel — http://www.youtube.com/GottfriedGeist. There’s a playlist of 8 Vonnegut videos. Amazing!

( Reposting some previous Vonnegut… )

Slaughterhouse Five is the first book I read by Kurt Vonnegut, an definitely not the last. It’s the story of Billy Pilgrim. My initial thoughts about this name—BILLY is the name of someone fun and approachable. I never met a Billy who was a jerk. PILGRIM is a someone on a religious journey or an a quest to find something new or sacred, like the pilgrims on the Mayflower. Well, this Billy Pilgrim is an eye doctor who is sent to fight in World War II. He becomes unstuck in time and travels to and from different stages of his life and the far far off planet of Tralfamadore, where he is caged with a Hollywood pornstar for observation and on display in a Tralfamadorian zoo.

Read the full post

So it goes. Thank you, Kurt Vonnegut, for challenging me to think for myself and encouraging me to occasionally go “elsewhere.” You are one of the main reasons I enjoy reading.

Read the full post

Borrowing Money

January 25, 2009

Borrowing Money in Plain English… the latest from our friends at Common Craft. Perhaps this should be included with every loan application, so people understand the concept of loans, term benefits, flexibility (if any), and consequences if they fail their commitment.

Saving Money

January 21, 2009

These Common Craft vids are awesome. Saving Money in Plain English is awesome. Just plain awesome.

If I were to make my own CC vid that represents how I manage my money, it would be… If I Have Cash in My Wallet, I Will Spend It… In Plain Engkish.

Who needs a dog-walker?

December 30, 2008


Jake’s dog-walking service

You’re a Christian Boy and you can’t say No…

December 24, 2008


For all of us still stuck in the 80’s, here’s a rage gem. Robert Seidler’s “Christian Boy” features that hard to forget chorus haunt “No more scooter rides in the cemetery.”

The actually content doesn’t start until 30+ seconds into the clip. And towards the end he breaks out those signature 80’s moves. Even better than Molly Ringwald in “The Breakfast Club” – See below.

tr.im then tweet

December 20, 2008

trim_logo Better than TINYURL and IS.GD, TR.IM lets you shorten URLs and tweet all at once.

Try it… http://tr.im.

Follow me on twittert @poundit


Y-Love? B-Cuz…

December 20, 2008

Orthodox rapper Y-Love and beatbox superstar Yuri Lane create all their music non-instrumentally. Here is a clip from an improvised piece filmed on a handheld at their CD release party for Count It, their Sefira album. (From youtube channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/modular)

How to FIND things fast

December 20, 2008

I’ve noticed search engines have been updating UI and functionality, and our experience searching for (or finding) things online is ever-changing.

Check out Common Craft’s “Web Search Strategies in Plain English.” The entire Plain English series is a great way to educate yourself, friends, family and peers in the evolving world of online computing.

I will soon post some observations describing how the top search engines are making it easier for us to FIND things online.

Rays of Light (3:45 to 4:00 pm)

December 7, 2008

Oean Beach horizonGreat Highway across from the Beach Chalet

Ocean Beach horizonAt Great Highway and Sloat Blvd

Ocean Beach horizonGreat Highway on the way up to Skyline Blvd

Social Graph API

December 6, 2008

Notes to follow…

Rollins Uncut – Israel

December 3, 2008

Watch all UNCUT video clips