#CerebrateSV 2010 – The sum of us.

Cerebrate SV2010

Dear Cerebrate friends,

I am ever grateful to for the opportunity to meet and connect with all of you this past weekend at Mount Madonna. Given a choice between an industry conference with hundreds of handshakes and business cards, or an intimate retreat with a small yet diverse group of motivated and talented consequential strangers, without a doubt, I prefer the latter. The authenticity and generosity was amazing. I thank you for the opportunity to truly know you, your values, your talents, and connecting  with such an amazing group at a deeper level. I also learned more about myself, realizing what more I can accomplish, and accepting things beyond my control. And I cannot thank you enough for welcoming me and accepting me, and supporting me.

What I learned most though all the sharing and learning…
Each of us is a giving and generous achiever, and inside EACH of us is:

A writer, an architect, a passionate coach & mentor, a knowledge officer, a brand guru, a motivational leader, an artist, a philanthropist, a digital marketer, a trend setter, a media publisher, an inventor, a data visualization genius, a fashion designer, an Internet geek, a Community strategist, a scientist, an educator, a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur, a loving mother father son daughter sister brother, and most importantly… a friend.

The sum of us.

I am honored and proud to have been a part of  Cerebrate – Silicon Valley USA 2010

Thank you.

– – – – – –

Photos courtesy of:  Rajesh, Kate, Maya, Ram and Darius

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4 Responses to “#CerebrateSV 2010 – The sum of us.”

  1. Rajesh & Kavitha Setty Says:

    Wow Darius. You summed up what is on the minds of many of us so beautifully. Thanks a ton for participating fully and sharing your experience.

    We are so thankful to you and everyone for being there.

    Rajesh & Kavitha

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